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At National Online Safety, we provide Online Safety training to Teachers and School Staff and help the Senior Leadership Team prepare for an Ofsted inspection.

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course for Teachers & School Staff?

About National Online Safety

National Online Safety provide training to UK primary & secondary schools and colleges developed and certified by online safety experts. We ensure all school teachers and school staff understand the important issues regarding online safety, and understand what procedures need to be followed in the event of an online safety incident accordingly and provide evidence of their policies for an Ofsted inspection.

National Online Safety have developed this revolutionary course in line with new guidelines set by Ofsted as they begin to focus more on E-safety. Once the National Online Safety Course has been completed, school staff will be able to provide their certification to Ofsted upon an inspection at the school.

The primary goal of our Online Safety E-Learning Course is to give UK schools and colleges a detailed knowledge of technology use in schools and establish procedures in order to uncover, intervene and act on an online safety incident where appropriate.

Our Online Safety Training for Schools Packages



The National Online Safety Course has been specifically designed for schools to provide essential staff training and evidence for Ofsted.



The National Online Safety Trained School Package enables a whole school approach to online safety by training key members of the school workforce.



The National Online Safety Certified Package provides training as well as an on-site audit and recommendations paper for schools to fully prepare for an Ofsted inspection.

National Online Safety also provide a fully comprehensive package to become a NOS Certified School. This encompasses a in-person audit carried out at your school by a Certified Online Safety expert, complete with actions to be taken in your online safety protocols following the new Ofsted requirements. You will also gain full access to our resource hub, containing downloadable policy templates to ensure your school has the necessary procedures in place to deal with any online safety incident. Included in the package are also 10 licences to the National Online Safety E-Learning Course complete with certificate to show as evidence of training.

What does Ofsted say?

“An effective approach to Online Safety empowers a school or college to protect and educate the whole school or college community in their use of technology and establishes mechanisms to identify, intervene in and escalate any incident where appropriate.”

Keeping Children Safe in Education | Guidance for Schools and Colleges

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National Online Safety

National Online Safety offers a unique digital course for primary & secondary schools. Through the NOS course, you can rest assured that your teaching staff fully comprehend the issues around online safety, in line with Ofsted requirements.

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