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NOS Certified School Community Case Study – Banister School

Banister School is a Hampshire Primary school, rated Good, with close to 400 pupils. The school’s Senior Leadership Team began their recognised route to online safety in Summer 2018 after a search for a suitable support service led them to take up National Online Safety’s Certified School Community membership.

As an urban school, Banister has above averages of children from deprived backgrounds, those who speak English as an additional language and volume of SEND pupils, meaning their approach to embedding online safety needed to be broad, relevant and accessible. They were looking for “efficient” and “meaningful help and support” that the whole school community could benefit from. During a phone consultation, the National Online Safety team talked to the SLT to identify how Certified School Community membership would fulfil their various needs.


Key Facts:

School: Banister School
Type: Primary
Location: Southampton
Pupils: 392
Staff: 46 including all teaching and support staff
Joined: May 2018
Achieved Certified status: March 2019

“The ability to become an accredited school was the icing on the cake – a public affirmation of our commitment to do all we can to keep children safe.”
– David Hockin, School Business Manager

Banister School logo

After gaining access to the full package of National Online Safety courses, resources and guidance, they immediately found them “easy to use”. As the course modules and resource packs are regularly updated in line with wider-world changes and trends, the school team also remarked that they “learn something new every time”.

The response from parents has been particularly significant. As the membership package includes a dedicated course for parents and carers, the support really does extend into pupils’ homes. One parent formally contacted the school to say: “it is important that you begin to understand what you were previously oblivious to”.

The goal of accreditation – complete with a plaque, certificate and bespoke press release – was declared the “the icing on the cake” as it meant the school could demonstrate their dedication to keeping their pupils safe from online risks. They achieved their aim in just five months, and since then the school has created an area of their website profiling their commitment to online safety, proudly displaying their Certified School Community logo.

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