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An Introduction to Online Platforms

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Most kids use social media and other online platforms as much as adults do, and often in the same ways. It can provide an escape from real life, a chance to build an identity, or simply a form of entertainment.

What Parents Need to Know About Triller

  • Published 2nd September 2020

A free online safety guide on Triller, the latest video sharing app on the market, which encourages users to create music videos and share them with the world. The platform boasts some of the music industry’s biggest stars as users and recently announced that it had amassed over 250 million downloads worldwide.

What Parents Need to Know About Microsoft Teams

  • Published 10th June 2020

A free online safety guide to Microsoft Teams, the video conferencing software and live streaming app used by many schools to help with remote learning, providing the ability to chat, video call and host online meetings with as many as 10,000 people.

What Parents Need to Know About Netflix

  • Published 22nd April 2020

A guide to Netflix, arguably the most widely used and best known video-on-demand (VoD) streaming service in the world, with an extensive library of both child friendly and adult-themed programming.

What Parents Need to Know About Disney+

  • Published 17th April 2020

A guide to Disney+, the recently launched streaming competitor to Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple TV. The service boasts a huge library of titles from Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and more.

What Parents Need to Know About Zoom

  • Published 8th April 2020

A guide to Zoom, one of the world's leading video conferencing software providers.

What parents need to know about Houseparty

  • Published 25th March 2020

A guide for parents and carers on Houseparty, the 'face to face social network', which gained the no.1 spot on the app store after becoming one of the most downloaded apps since social isolation was introduced.

Omegle Online Safety Guide

  • Published 11th March 2020

A guide to Omegle, a free online chat service which encourages users to either text or video chat with other users through their website.

Safer Apps and Games for Children

  • Published 30th October 2019

Three handy guides for parents and carers with suggested safer apps and games that children might enjoy using to learn and play.

How to manage what your children watch on TV Online Safety Guide

  • Published 17th July 2019

An e-safety guide for parents and carers on managing what your children watch on Television.

Reddit Online Safety Guide

  • Published 26th September 2018

An e-safety guide to Reddit, a site that blends the idea of a social network with news, discussion forums and various other media.

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