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Adapting your Online Safety Policy for 2020 + Free Online Safety Template

  • 3rd July 3rd Jul 13:00pm SOLD OUT
  • 6th July 6th Jul 13:00pm SOLD OUT
  • 7th July 7th Jul 13:00pm SOLD OUT
  • 8th July 8th Jul 13:00pm

This webinar will provide senior leaders, headteachers, DSLs and online safety leads with practical advice and guidance on how to develop and adapt their online safety policy for 2020. In addition, to accompany the webinar, you will receive a free template online safety policy for schools.

DfE KCSiE Remote Safeguarding Guidance: Online Safety for DSLs, Teachers and Parents

  • Available On Demand

In this webinar, Christina Leath, an experienced Head of Safeguarding and subject matter expert, will explore key points from the guidance and discuss what this means for DSLs, teachers and parents and carers.

How Ofsted will Inspect Online Safety: What Schools Need to Know

  • Available On Demand

This webinar will help school leaders and school staff to understand exactly how and what Ofsted will inspect in relation to e-safety. It will cover key Ofsted criteria as well as outlining best practice models for schools to consider.

How to Deal With a Disclosure in Online Safety

  • Available On Demand

This webinar will support schools in meeting their statutory requirements around online safety, helping them to ensure they have safe mechanisms in place to identify, intervene and escalate any disclosure of harm and abuse and that these processes are robust and systematic.

Understanding the DfE Statutory Guidance Changes September 2019

  • Available On Demand

This webinar will focus on helping Senior Leaders and Designated Safeguarding Leads to understand schools’ additional online safety duties as outlined in the revised Department for Education “Keeping Children Safe in Education” statutory guidance coming into effect from 2nd September 2019.

Effective Strategies for Better Parental Engagement in Online Safety

  • Available On Demand

In this webinar, we take a look at reasonings why schools need to engage parents with online safety and practical methods how to achieve this effectively.

Radicalisation, Terrorism and Extremism Explained

  • Available On Demand

Part of our Annual Online Safety Course for Parents and Carers 2019-20

Copyright & Ownership Explained

  • Available On Demand

Part of our Annual Online Safety Course for Parents and Carers 2019-20

How to Clean Devices Guide

  • Published 18th March 2020

General cleanliness and personal hygiene have never been more important. This guide provides aims to help everyone understand some of the best practice methods to keep your devices clean and some techniques you should avoid.

Leicestershire Police: Addressing The Online Drugs Trade Online Safety Guide

  • Published 10th July 2019

An online safety guide by Leicestershire Police on addressing the online drugs trade, specifically in relation to the expansion of the online world, including the rise of the dark web and social media.

Helping schools engage parents in Online Safety

  • Published 30th January 2019

A FREE staffroom poster that lists 7 simple strategies to help schools engage parents in online safety.

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