Certified School of The Month: St Lawrence Academy


The St Lawrence Academy are the first school in the North Lincolnshire region to gain NOS Certified Community accreditation for 2018, rolling out internet safety training to all staff members, governors, parents and carers within their academy’s community. Through the National Online Safety community training programme, St Lawrence have shown their commitment to helping their stakeholders understand online dangers, how to respond to an online incident and staying updated with information about the platforms that their pupils are using.

With new platforms, apps and websites emerging daily, it is increasingly important that schools effectively empower their communities to stay ahead of the evolving threats to effectively keep their pupils safe when using the internet. Our survey with over 300 schools across the UK, 70% of teachers said that their pupils know more about social media than they do and over half of teachers said that they don’t know which apps and websites their pupils are using.

Schools such as St Lawrence Academy which are able to demonstrate effective online safety training across their whole community, according to National Online Safety’s set criteria, are awarded the NOS Certified School Community Status, and can display the NOS Certified plaque both within their school and on their website and marketing materials.

Mike Adnitt, Principal at St Lawrence Academy said:

“The safety of our pupils is paramount, both inside and outside of school hours. We see the emergence of the online world as a wonderful thing however, it’s not without its risks. Morally we must do all we can to ensure our pupils embrace technology yet be fully aware of its pitfalls. That commitment extends to the parents and carers of our pupils too.

“The whole school community approach of National Online Safety has enabled us to easily equip everyone to make informed choices when online. We have found people who were previously hard to engage have become real ambassadors for online safety. That’s testament to the relative ease of access to the training provided.”

Garry Drinkall, ICT Lead at St Lawrence Academy, stated:

“The St Lawrence Academy has undergone a recent drive on e-safety and cyber security with our staff to ensure we are all aware of the many risks and pitfalls of the digital world around us. As part of our ongoing professional development strategy all staff completed the Online Safety Course which helped to provide them with a sound understanding of the issues and risks surrounding the use of the internet and the many social media platforms available. Even though we have achieved NOS Certified School status this is only the beginning of our journey to improve with the help of National Online Safety.”

Nic Dakin, Scunthorpe MP, said:

“The online world presents countless opportunities for all. For children and young people, it also presents significant threats. I’m delighted that a company from Scunthorpe is making such a national impact with the work they are doing the length and breadth of the country in equipping youngsters to embrace the internet whilst being aware of the dangers.

“I think it’s fantastic that St Lawrence Academy right here in Scunthorpe are amongst the schools to take such a pro-active approach to this issue and are equipping their entire school community to keep abreast of the online threat.”

Joe Stoney, Director of National Online Safety, said:

“We are extremely proud to support a local school in their online safety training, equipping their staff, governors, and parents with vital knowledge about how to protect their children online. Currently, we work nationally with over 800 schools but being based in Scunthorpe it is great to have a fantastic local school on board with our NOS Certified Community programme, and an honour to have Nic Dakin present the award to the school. Well done to St Lawrence for taking a proactive approach to internet safety!” 

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