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NOS Certified School Community Case Study – Clatford C of E Primary School

Clatford is a small Church of England Primary serving two Hampshire villages. It is rated by Ofsted as an Outstanding School in all key areas and is in the highest 10% of top performing UK schools.

As part of his role as ICT Manager, the school’s Deputy Head was looking for a way to not only embed excellent online safety approaches in school, but also enable parents to understand changing online risks. He found out about National Online Safety’s courses via an online search and says he was initially “impressed by the variety of courses as well as the range of topics covered” in the prospectus, so arranged a consultation. When the team looked at Clatford’s e-safety aims and objectives, especially with the need for parents to have access to training, it was clear that NOS’s Certified School Community package would be ideal.

Key Facts:

School: Clatford Church of England Primary School
Type: Primary
Location: Goodworth Clatford, Hampshire
Pupils: 200
Staff: 31
Joined: November 2017
Achieved Certified status: March 2018
Liked: Courses for staff and parents, Certified learning, Ease of use, Excellent customer service

It is reassuring for me to know that I have given all members of my school community the right tools to keep our children safe.”
– Matt Kirk, Deputy Headteacher

Clatford Primary Logo

Clatford Primary became an NOS member in November 2017 and immediately rolled out the online training to staff, governors and parents. They reviewed the courses as “well organised”, “easy to access” and “concise and relevant”. The Online Reputation course proved an especially useful way to get teachers and support workers to think about their personal social media presence. The team particularly valued that they could evidence their learning as CPD with downloadable certificates.

Technically, the school staff found the learning hub easy to use, and where they did have queries, they say they received “quick, efficient and helpful” responses from NOS.

It took just four months for the school to complete the requirements to gain Certified School Community status and meet their aim to make relevant and current online safety information available to parents. As well as the online course the school has created a new web page full of NOS’s guides and downloads in the Parents area of their website. They are now working to encourage more parents to take up the training so the school’s online safety approach is consistent with pupils’ home lives.

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