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NOS Certified School Community Case Study – Concord College

Concord college is a large independent co-educational school near Shrewsbury for students ages 13 to 19. It boasts high levels of academic achievement across the student body, which incudes a significant proportion of international students.

With over 80% of pupils boarding at the school, they needed a “holistic” approach to online safety management which would reflect the way teenagers use the internet. The school’s leaders also sought a way to evidence their commitment to protecting the children from new and rapidly changing online risks.

Concord College

Key Facts:

School: Concord College
Type: Independent
Location: Acton Burnell, Shropshire
Pupils: 597
Staff: 166
Joined: April 2018
Achieved Certified status: May 2019
Liked: Recognised status, Balance of learning, Customer service, Supporting webinars and newsletters

“Reassuring in terms of feeling that we have professional guidance and back up in seeking to protect our community from the dangers online.”
– Jeremy Kerslake, Vice-Principal (pastoral) & Designated Safeguarding Lead

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The National Online Safety team conducted a thorough consultation with Concord College’s Designated Safeguarding Lead. It was clear that the Certified School Community package would suit the breadth of learning required and give the school the independent recognition they were looking for.

When the staff, governors and parents gained access to the tailored online courses and resources, they remarked on the even balance between video, text and assessments, even declaring the courses “enlightening”. The whole school community was “impressed” with the broad range of information and the monthly webinars and newsletters which underpin the courses.

The Concord College team also valued the NOS’s “excellent customer service”, saying “we have had rapid and effective responses from NOS when we have needed to reset training for staff and when we have sought advice.”

The school has a large volume of staff, yet they successfully put 150 of them through the training, far exceeding the 75% required to achieve Certified School Community status. They achieved their goal to evidence their commitment to online safety in just over one year. The school is maintaining their membership so the whole school community can stay up-to-date on internet trends affecting children and teenagers as new risks emerge.

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