Annual Certificate in Cyber Security for Workplaces (Non-Education) (2022-23)

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About The Course

Annual Certificate in Cyber Security for Workplaces (Non-Education) (2022-23)

Cyber crime and cyber security breaches are a serious threat to all types of businesses and charities. Organisations can lose money, data or other assets and suffer both significant short-term disruption and long-term reputational damage. That’s why it’s important that all staff, especially senior leaders, have a good understanding of how to develop and implement protective measures.

This course provides you with the knowledge and skills to understand what cyber security is, the different types of cyber threats and the measures you can take to protect your organisation from harm.

Split into bite-sized modules, the training has been designed to provide maximum learning potential in the leanest, most cost-effective and most time-efficient manner. It has been produced in high-quality remote video CPD format which is accessible on any device, any time, anywhere.

Created by KryptoKloud, an independent cyber operations and intelligence company, this course is split into seven modules. The course consists of learning through video modules, completion of tasks, further reading and viewing external resources. Please consider this when planning and allocating your time. To successfully understand and achieve the objectives of the course, learners are expected to engage in all aspects of the learning process and complete all relevant activities to ensure they can successfully apply the knowledge and skills they have gained in their own setting.

Course Units


Created by KryptoKloud, an independent cyber operations and intelligence company, this course is split into seven modules with a knowledge assessment at the end to help you evidence your learning.

Module 1: Understanding what cyber security is

In module 1 you’ll understand what is meant by the term ‘cyber’, how if it is commonly used and what harms can result from an individual or organisation experiencing a cyber attack.

Module 2: Digital identity and trust online

In module 2 we will explore what it means to have a digital identity, discuss what geotagging is and consider the harms to digital privacy that have resulted from the advancements in technology.

Module 3: Motives behind a cyber attack

Module 3 will look at the common reasons for a cyber attack and the different types of actors who engage in criminal activity.

Module 4: Types of cyber crime

Module 4 will explore the methods cyber attackers use to perform their criminal acts and what steps you can take to reduce the risk of being the victim of an attack.

Module 5: Strengthening cyber security

Module 5 will explore what steps you can take to improve your organisation’s cyber security and ensure the right measures are in place to reduce the risk of a cyber attack.

Module 6: Responding to a data breach

Module 6 will look at breaches, how they can impact us on a personal level, what actions to take if you’re the victim of a breach and what the ramifications can be for an organisation.

Module 7: The Computer Misuse Act and role of protective agencies

In module 7 we’ll explore the Computer Misuse Act in more detail and look into the role of the National Cyber Security Centre, regional cyber crime units and gaining cyber security accreditation.

Dr Rona Mackenzie

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Dr Rona Mackenzie

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