Annual Online Safety Course for Online Safety Leads, DSLs & Deputy DSLs (2019-20)

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About The Course

Annual Online Safety Course for Online Safety Leads, DSLs & Deputy DSLs (2019-20)


Online safety in schools is of paramount importance. As the online world evolves, so do both the online risks facing our children and the relevant legislation, both statutory and non-statutory, which directs and guides how schools should meet their online safety requirements.

The role of Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSLs)

Quoting directly from the 2019 Keeping Children Safe in Education statutory guidance, DSLs should “take lead responsibility for safeguarding and child protection (including online safety)”. Moreover, they should be “given the time, funding, training, resources and support to provide advice and support to other staff on child welfare and child protection matters…”

The above illustrates just how crucial the role of designated safeguarding lead is to safeguarding children in schools. The role should not be underestimated. DSLs are the glue that holds together every aspect of safeguarding children both in and out of education, including their online safety.

What you will learn

Our Online Safety course for designated safeguarding leads has been updated in line with the most recent Department for Education guidelines. This includes:

  • The new ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ guidance (in effect from 2nd September 2019)
  • The new ‘Relationships education, relationships and sex education (RSE) and health education’, coming into effect from September 2020 with early adopters from September 2019.
  • The new ‘Teaching Online Safety in School’ non-statutory guidance from the DfE, published on 26th June, with direct reference to the rollout of the UKCCIS ‘Education for a Connected World’ framework.

The course will cover what the role of a designated safeguarding lead looks like and their responsibilities in relation to online safety. You will learn about key policy requirements, managing referrals and what DSL’s should know about online safeguarding for SEND and vulnerable learners. You will also comprehensively cover a range of online dangers which children may encounter.

Course Units

Unit 1: Your responsibilities as a DSL and Deputy DSL

This unit will delve into the statutory requirements and guidance for safeguarding in schools. Paying close attention to relevant policy and legislation, it will explore in detail what the role of a DSL involves with a final overview of a school’s st...

Unit 2: Internal school policies, the law and managing referrals

This unit explores the different policies that schools should implement and adhere to in order to provide a comprehensive safeguarding environment. It will touch on the laws surrounding online safety before outlining the expectations of a DSL around...

Unit 3: Understanding the risks children face online: Unsafe communications

In unit 3 we begin to look at the range of online dangers that children may face online. This unit looks at the dangers around how and with whom children may engage with online and the different ways they may encounter harm. The risks you will cover...

Unit 4: Understanding the risks children face online: Managing online information

Following a similar format to unit 3, unit 4 covers different types of online content that children may have control over or access to, as well as identifying the activities they may engage in, which can place their own online information in danger....

Unit 5: Understanding the risks children face online: Effects on mental health, wellbeing and lifestyle

Unit 5 is the final part exploring online dangers. In this unit you will learn about certain activities that children may become involved in online and how technology and social media can negatively impact children’s mental health, wellbeing and life...

Unit 6: Online safeguarding for SEND/vulnerable learner

Unit 6 will cover what safeguarding means for SEND and vulnerable learners and how the role of designated safeguarding lead knits into online safety provision for children with special education needs and disabilities. It will cover the role of SENCo...

Unit 7: Safeguarding remote learners

Unit 7 will cover what the role of a DSL looks like when implementing safeguarding measures in respect of remote learning. It will explore key policy documents and statutory requirements as well as recognising what should be included in any policy re...

Interesting detailed course

Excellent detailed course, with extremely good information, some of the questions were tricky, but other than that. I enjoyed the course. thank you/
Nicola Luckett, - St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Oxford

Safeguarding Training for DSL/DDSLs

It does just what it says on the 'tin' safeguarding training. Very good, very informative and the listening videos are great with the information reiterated in the slideshows. It also has all the guidance and government document links that can be downloaded for reference. I've been a DDSL for ten years and have found this training very helpful and reflective on my role.
Linda Ramsden, - Old Hill Primary School & Nursery

Especially useful for identifying relevant Acts

The course was clear and easy to navigate, and I am very satisfied with my experience.
Michelle Ross, - The Dorcan Academy

Powerful videos

The videos were really powerful!
Gemma Howard, - Pembury Primary School

Clear and easy to navigate

The course description was very clear and it has helped me strengthen my subject knowledge. I found the real life stories from the videos especially beneficial.
Hannah Walters, - Pembury Primary School

Relevant, up-to-date information

This course gave me useful information on some of the more recent areas to consider i.e. skin betting.
rachel harrison, Head Teacher - Willow Dene School

Very informative course

An easy to navigate course with a clear description! I found the online knowledge test especially beneficial.
Matt Everest, - Blenheim High School

Useful course

Clear and beneficial, with some especially useful information in regards to prevent.
Carl Mundy, - Blenheim High School

Useful course for DSLs

A useful course with beneficial information around the policies DSL's need to keep on top of.
Richard Singleton, - Blenheim High School

NOS Feedback-DSL

This is a great course, very accessible, thought provoking and engaging.
Steve Taylor, Deputy Headteacher - Arnold Hill Academy

Excellent, thorough and easy to follow.

Great online course which you can do in your own time.
Sean Brice, - Victoria Park Primary School

Online Safety Course for DSL's

I found this course very insightful and it had great content and useful hints and advice.
Scott Macmillan, Deputy Headteacher - Dane Ghyll Community Primary and Nursery School

Very informative

This course was excellent and informative. The information was relevant, up to date and presented in a variety of interesting formats meaning that I, the learner, maintained engagement throughout each unit.
Rachel Beesley, Designated Safeguarding Lead - Richmond Academy

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