Annual Online Safety Course for Teachers, School Staff & Governors (2019-20)

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About The Course

Annual Online Safety Course for Teachers, School Staff & Governors (2019-20)


Online safety in schools is of paramount importance. As the online world evolves, so do both the online risks facing our children and the relevant legislation, both statutory and non-statutory, which directs and guides how schools should meet their online safety requirements.

The role of school staff and governors

School staff and governors play a vital role in setting an example for the whole school. They are central to implementing policy and process. Ensuring they know their responsibilities and duties as practitioners and have a thorough understanding of the latest online dangers, will ensure schools are providing the best online safety provision they possible can.

What you will learn

Beginning with the basics, this course will address the importance of online safety and the role of school staff within a legislative framework. You will then learn of the ways in which children are engaging with the online world before moving into a comprehensive analysis of the range of online dangers which children may encounter. Finally, you will learn about how to protect children with SEND and why these children are particularly vulnerable to online risks.

Course Units

Unit 1: The importance of online safety in schools

This unit will delve into the statutory requirements and guidance for teaching online safety in schools. It will explore the importance of taking a ‘whole school approach’ to online safety before running through relevant policies and legislation, inc...

Unit 2: Children in a digital age

This unit explores how children engage in an online world. It covers the use of different technologies, apps and social media, providing a valuable insight into where children are spending their time online and how this may affect their mental health...

Unit 3: Understanding the risks children face online: Unsafe communications

In unit 3 we begin to look at the range of online dangers that children may face online. This unit looks at the dangers around how and with whom children may engage with online and the different ways they may encounter harm. The risks you will cover...

Unit 4: Understanding the risks children face online: Managing online information

Following a similar format to unit 3, unit 4 covers different types of online content that children may have control over or access to, as well as identifying the activities they may engage in, which can place their own online information in danger....

Unit 5: Understanding the risks children face online: Effects on mental health, wellbeing and lifestyle

Unit 5 is the final part exploring online dangers. In this unit you will learn about certain activities that children may become involved in online and how technology and social media can negatively impact children’s mental health, wellbeing and life...

Unit 6: Online safeguarding for SEND/vulnerable learners

Unit 6 will cover what online safeguarding means for SEND and vulnerable learners. You will learn how and why the needs of children with SEND differs, addressing the 7 groups of vulnerability and making reference to statutory guidance. The unit will...

Online safety

Online safety is important to know by everyone
Barbara Budyk, Teacher - Exeter A Learning Community Academy

great course

very informative makes you think gives you a window into a world of bad things
Patrick Mann, Governor - Burton Church of England Primary School

Excellent quality for staff training

Easy to use and extremely useful.
Fionnola Ryan, Staff - Mitchell Brook Primary School

Highly Recommended

Informative & I've learnt A lot More than Expected :)
Bel Tej, Support staff - Grange Park School (TN15 7RD)

Online Safety

Good general knowledge and information for all school staff.
Kerry BOE, Support assistant - Keir Hardie Primary School

The course was very informative.
Denise Kelsey, Teaching Assistant - Akroydon Primary Academy

E-Safety - CPD

The process for doing this course was very flexible - it allows you to work at your own pace.
Michael Scott, Teacher - Kingsmead School Derby DE1 3LB

Nothing, very informative?
June Dann, Teaching Assistant - Akroydon Primary Academy

Dark web was an eye opener
Martyn Cowell, TEACHER - Red Oaks Primary School

Informative and accessible

I found this course to be very informative for my job as a primary school teacher. Also it is so accessible that I plan to share some of the content with family members as well as to use in my teaching.
Mandy Wilson, TEACHER - Red Oaks Primary School

'This course is very eye opening and productive, thank you.'

will definitely visit this website again to check for future updates and refreshing my memory with the information provided. I find all the information very useful.
Mecheca Mabier - St Mary's C.E Primary School Mossside


Anthony Ezeala - Beacon Academy

Online Safety Course for Teachers, School Staff and Governors 2019 - 20

A detailed look at the subject of online safety which was well explained throughout. Presented in easy to follow slides with extensive referencing to other documents for further research. I learnt a huge amount on a subject that has great impact on both children and adults in their everyday lives.
jayne thorpe - Gosforth Central Middle School

The materials were easy to use and the system was easy to access and navigate. There was a good mix of video and reading aspects to the course.

Lots of additional information which refreshed or enhanced what I already knew
Karen Monks, Teacher - Lantern Community Primary School

Valuable knowledge for staff working with children and families

The course is very informative and easy to navigate. The videos are excellent, easy to understand and not too long. I liked the fact that further information could be accessed by clicking on the icon next to a specific point.
Hortense Kebani, Support staff - Altmore Infant School & Children's Centre

National Online Safety Course

Extremely easy to navigate through the different sections and a very informative way of learning about online safety.
NICOLA Brister, Teacher - Sugar Hill Primary School

Excellent Course

Informative and well presented course.... thank you.
Sarah French, Support staff - Gloverspiece School

Informative and valuable course

Very informative and relevant information. Video clips were very helpful.
Dawn Gittins, Teacher - Harlands Primary School

Very informative
Belinda Kassinen - Penn Wood Primary and Nursery School


This course was not only interesting but also incredibly informative.
Dragana Bengougam, Designated Safeguarding Lead - Kingsbury Green Primary School

National online safety

Excellent, informative, well presented course. So easy to follow and understand.
Lisa Ling, Teaching assistant - All Angels Federation

Detailed/ good

Really informative and knowledgeable course so much to remember and think about and some modules valuable for my role
Samantha Miles-Young, TA - Langley School

Simple course

I found the course easy to navigate through and I liked how you could come back to it as and when the time was right for you.
Natasha Badham, Support - Barclay Academy

Nicola Hudson, Support staff - Ruislip High School

Very informative and useful

Some excellent and practical ideas and suggestions on how to help pupils and their families in the minefield that is the internet. Please review the video files used though as they ruined the enjoyment of the course for me.
Julie Horsington, Teacher - Curwen Primary School

Excellent course

I found this a very informative course, a lot of information on social media & gaming that I didn't know about. Excellent course to cover & highlight areas about online & gaming to protect children & young people in the best ways we can.
Brooke Henry, Teacher - Carrick Primary School (BT66 8NY)

It was a very useful course.
Sue Murison, Teacher - Oak Farm Infant School

very informative

found this course good on refreshing me with information i needed to know and remember.
carol brown - Pennine Way Primary School

interesting and informative
paula edwards, Teacher - Torre Church of England Academy

The courses are very good, would be even better if the questions were after every module, as there is a lot to take in.
Alison Barra, Teaching assistant - Our Lady & St George's Catholic Primary School and Nursery

Very thorough

This feels very comprehensive and contemporary.
Steven Cale, Teacher - Concord College

Fantastic course!

Brilliant course to refresh my knowledge in order to be up to date with all changes. It took me a few hours but it was worth every minute. Thank you! The main tip for the course is to READ in detail everything and not just to assume you know it.
Maria Crisan, Teacher - St Mary's CE Primary School (NW10 9JA)

Found the course very informative.
Sharon Antill, Lsp - Hateley Heath Primary School

Online safety course

Very interesting and informative
Roy Bostwick, Support - Barclay Academy

Good and very informative.
Mrs Sandhu - The Leigh Academy

Sarah - Learning Support Assistant

Very informative course and easy to navigate. The video clips were interesting and clearly separated each section of learning. Helpful for all parties involved in the education of children, including parents and carers.
sarah lathlane - Sir Robert Pattinson Academy

Well Designed & Presented

The course is very well written to develop a good understanding of the topics. I found the embedded videos from 3rd parties very helpful.
Oliver Hirschfield - Haileybury College

Great course, very comprehensive.

This is a great course, the video clips were very informative and would be fantastic to show in class with my year 6's next year. Can I find these clips on line somewhere?
Mark Pearson, Teacher - Merrylands Primary School

National Online Safety

Excellent course with all the information laid out clearly to view.
dovid herman, Teacher - Etz Chaim Jewish Primary School

Helps you to be better prepared and equipped to help protect young Children..

Excellent training which helps you know the understanding and knowledge you need to help protect young people and Children.
Lakhpreet Sahota, Teacher - The Lancaster Academy

Annual Online Safety Course for Teachers, School Staff & Governors (2019-20)

Very informative and interesting and useful for my role at work
Una Dawkins, Teacher - City of Birmingham School - Minerva Centre

Brain Storm

Worth reviewing information again, even though i've already got the certificate. Eye opening as a mother and a SEND T/A. Notes i will definitely revisit.
Marsha Pedley, Teacher - City of Birmingham School - Minerva Centre


Zeinab Yamout - The Stonebridge School

Very useful

Some of this information was familiar and some was less so, but it was really useful to have it all pulled together in a very structured and coherent way.
Jane Clare, Teacher - Whitley Park Primary and Nursery

Online Safety Course

A valuable course for all staff in educational settings. I gained lots of information about gaming and the dark web that I was not aware of. It is really important to keep children safe and this training embeds that ethos. Thank you.
Rosie Pang, Teacher - Salisbury Primary School WS10

I really enjoyed this course. It is really informative.
Augustus Titre, Teacher - City of Birmingham School - Minerva Centre

Very informative!

This has really opened my eyes further what our students may be exposed to online and how we can support them to stay safe.
Heather Campbell, TEACHER - Red Oaks Primary School

Very Helpful Staff and informative course.

I am a teacher at a special school and I completed the online safety and online reputation courses. When I needed to contact staff for advice they were extremely helpful . I found the courses to be very helpful and informative.
Matthew Wright, Teacher - Marshlands School

Interesting and informative

I have learned a lot about the online world and I think it is very important to have this knowledge while working with children.
Mahjabeen Farooqui - The Pegasus Academy Trust

Invaluable information

A lengthy process but worth it, lots of invaluable information
Jane Welford, Teacher - Frederick Gough School

Comprehensive and detailed

Good knowledge based accessed
RITA PARMAR, Teacher - City of Birmingham School - Minerva Centre

Current, relevant and informative. Exceptional online training.

I found the course to be of a hight quality that was developmental and impactful within the time it took to complete. I felt as though the content was current, relevant, well set out and exceptionally informative.
Alex James, Teacher - GEMS Metropole School, Motor City

Online safety course for teachers

The course covered very well all areas of online safety that I could think of and some areas that I hadn't considered.
Leah Youle, Teacher - Wellsway School

The course has huge benefit for all staff

This course has broad my understanding and widen my knowledge about online safety and role of adult.
Saidat-Aderenle Olaofe - Ellen Wilkinson Primary School

Online Safety Course

Comprehensive and informative, many thanks.
Katherine Julian, Teacher - South Wigston High School

Who knew!

I actually learned so much. As a school staff member but not a teacher its easy to think "I don't need to know this". Of course, I knew the basics and would never be unprofessional but this course put my role into perspective as a temporary carer of young children at some points during my day. I learned a lot about how to safeguard the kids at school, my own kids, and even myself. Life skills for sure. Thank you
Rebecca Rowley, Examinations Officer - Cranleigh Abu Dhabi

Online Safety

A high quality developmental course. The content was current, relevant, well set out & exceptionally informative.
Moi-Maree Brown, Senior leader - Our Lady & St George's Catholic Primary School and Nursery


June Hilton - Sir Robert Pattinson Academy

National Online Safety Course for Teachers

Very good course that covers numerous different avenues of online safety
Michael O'Halloran, Teacher - Hadleigh High School

Excellent and very thorough

Excellent with very detailed units. Videos are well produced. Very informative.
Colin Lamprey, Teacher - Calday Grange Grammar School

Excellent course

I found this course extremely informative and interesting which will be beneficial to my job within and out of school.
Linda Phillips, Teacher - Lime Academy Watergall

very useful information

Heba Abdelhafiz, Learning Support Assistant (LSA) - GEMS Royal Dubai School

online safety

very informative for all.
Wendy Brookes, Senior Early Years Practitioner - St Gregory's Catholic Academy

I found this course very poweful and I talked to my 11 year old child and we agreed on regular talks and screen time restrictions thankful to this course

I have learnt something new, refreshed my knowledge and was inspired to update my family on all essential online safety rules. At the same time it prepared me for the next academic year to stay alert and provide the best of the childcare.
Yulia Desborough, Teacher - Bridgewater High School

A thorough and thought-provoking course

This well-presented course provides very detailed knowledge about online behaviour, the positives, pitfalls and potential dangers for our learners. As a school governor, I am now much more aware about all aspects of online activity, which will help me to monitor school policy and practice in much more depth.
Rosemary Savinson, Senior leader - Mulgrave Primary School

Excellent Online Course - good pace

Some of the videos are hard hitting especially the Sexting and Facebook video where they are personal accounts.
Michelle Duffy, Support staff - Northampton School for Boys

Online Safety for Staff and Governors

Recently completed the Online training for Safe Guarding, found it really useful from as a School Governor, informative and liked the links to the respective reports and further information. Certainly feel I am better informed having completed this training.
James Main, Teacher - Frederick Gough School

Online Safety for Staff, Teachers and School Governors

Excellent and Informative course which will provide useful assistance when dealing with any safeguarding Issues.
Kevin Bates, staff - Concord College

Eye opening content!

A brilliant course, full of useful and some very surprising and shocking but relevant information. I have discovered loads which is going to help me not only in work but at home too. Very worthwhile completing.
Vicky Nolan, Teacher - Yardley Wood Community Primary School

Invaluable knowledge, well presented.

The course was well presented, informative and useful information. I'm certainly more aware of many facts that i had not been aware of.
June Edwards, Technician - St Joan of Arc Catholic School (ASCAT)

A fantastic course which does not hold back in its content to drive home the message of online safety!

A very detailed course which covers all aspects from legality to true stories of loss.
B.Trevelyan B.Trevelyan, teacher - St John Fisher Catholic High School (WN6 7RN)

Scary but essential course

As both a teacher and a parent of teenagers I found the course really scary but beneficial! There is so much occurring online both positive and negative that I wasn't fully aware of. I have had conversations with my daughter as a result to ensure that the internet is used safely and appropriately. Working in Early Years it is scary to think about what the children have the potential to access when at home and not supervised on technology.
Emma Weight, Teacher - Yardley Wood Community Primary School

Engaging and Varied

This course does a good job of making training surrounding Safeguarding - and specifically childrens' online safety - much more engaging than being sat and talked at by the traditional presenter with PowerPoint. There is audio and video as well as opportunities to read additional information surrounding the topics, such as case-studies or links to the relevant statutory legislation. The modular format makes it easy to take breaks at times that suit you, and this in turn also helps to maintain effective training and learning. The information was well-pitched, offering sufficient detail without being too much, and covered a wide range of issues which are relevant to keeping children safe online. Overall, I would recommend this format for this category of CPD.
David Cutcliffe, Support staff - Redruth School

online safety

Easy to access and do , enjoyed the learning experience as i am one of our send governors
Sharon Smith, Teacher - Frederick Gough School

never knew about the dark web until I accessed this course!

The entire course was a great recap and at times a more in depth insight into the training I have already been given from school. However, its the first time I have learned about the dark web!
Rifath Hussain, Teacher - King Edward VI Handsworth Wood Girls' Academy

Excellent course

I have learnt a great deal of additional skills. Thank you.
Nadia Penn - Capital City Academy NW10

The real life examples that had been reconstructed were very hard hitting and created a strong message!
Katie Mabey, Teacher - Chiltern Primary School (RG22 5BB)

very good information

i found this very interesting, i have learnt quite a bit on safety , having grandchildren with phones at such a young age has made me more aware of what they are watching.
Roma Mills, Designated Safeguarding Lead - Waverley School

Informative and relevant

Clearly presented comprehensive information that is easy to follow.
C.Catterall C.Catterall, teacher - St John Fisher Catholic High School (WN6 7RN)

Clear and Informative

This online course was full of informative up-to-date facts and information. It covered a vast amount of sites and used a lot of social media language that is currently used by the majority of online users. Practical and important advice given to children, young people. parents, and those who support and work in education.
ZYLPHA CLARKE - Bishop Vesey's Grammar School

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