Annual Certificate in Online Safety for Educators 2020-21 (International Schools)

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About The Course

Annual Certificate in Online Safety for Educators 2020-21 (International Schools)

About the course

Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes (approx.)

Safeguarding children online is the responsibility of the whole school. All educators have a duty of care in protecting children from online harm. So it’s essential that their knowledge of the online world remains relevant and up to date. Educators must have the expertise and the awareness to be able to support children’s online activities, in line with policy requirements and individual pupils' needs.

Our International Online Safety for Educators course offers the core content to help you ensure that you are delivering a comprehensive approach to online safety. Delivered in high-quality video format, the course has been organised to fit alongside busy workloads – and is accessible on any device, at any time. CPD accredited, our online safety training has been developed to provide the maximum learning potential in the leanest, most cost-effective and time-efficient manner.

Segmented into ten easy-to-digest modules, the content is delivered by international safeguarding expert Robin Watts. There are links to further learning and resources throughout, with an assessment at the end which will help you evidence your compliance in online safety training.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the nature of the online world today, how children’s online usage develops with age and how vulnerable they are to online risks.
  • Recognising the different roles and responsibilities of educators around online safety and developing robust and rigorous online safety policies to help mitigate risk.
  • Identifying different types of harm and abuse, building digital resilience and supporting children’s education through curriculum and subject specific learning.
  • Understanding professional conduct online, implementing acceptable use policies and how to manage different levels of online information.
  • Recognising the impact that online harm can have on mental health and wellbeing and where to receive further advice and support around online safety.

Course Units


Delivered by international safeguarding expert, Robin Watts, the course has been divided into ten easy-to-digest modules and contains links to further learning and resources throughout, with a knowledge assessment at the end to help you evidence your...

Why online safety is needed in schools

Module 1 will discuss why online safety is so important and explore some of the main risks that children are facing today. It will cover how children at different ages are engaging with the online world and how the internet can be used for both good...

Online safety in schools – A whole school approach

Module 2 will explore school procedures in relation to online safety and consider the importance of who is responsible for leading a school-wide approach and what each stakeholder should have an awareness of.

Staff roles and responsibilities

In module 3 you will learn about the different roles and responsibilities in respect of online safety and the different policies that you should be aware of. It will also cover the importance of establishing a lead for safeguarding and how to report...

Defining online safety and implementing practice in schools

In module 4 you will explore exactly what online safety means and how to deliver effective online safety practice which meets different needs through curriculum learning and specialist subject areas in order to build digital resilience in schools.

Maintaining a professional online presence

Module 5 will provide practical advice and guidance on how school staff should maintain a professional presence online and ensure that they are adhering with school policies around conduct and privacy.

Understanding acceptable use policies (AUPs)

Module 6 will develop your understanding of acceptable use policies (AUPs) and how they should be used. It will provide you with example wording of policies which can be developed for children of all school ages.

Recognising unsafe communication

In module 7 you will explore the dangers of unsafe communication using real life examples, recognising the signs of online abuse and typical examples of coded messages children might use to avoid detection from trusted adults.

Managing online information

Module 8 will explore what is meant by online information and the importance of protecting your own personal details as well as recognising fake news. It will also explain the difference between the surface web, deep web and dark web.

Effects to health, wellbeing and lifestyle

In module 9 you will learn about the impact that different aspects of the online world can have on children’s mental health, wellbeing and lifestyle.

Embedding online safety and further resources

Module 10 will provide you with an example of one school’s approach to online safety and signpost further advice and support to help you meet your own school objectives.

Robin Watts

About The Expert

Robin Watts

International safeguarding expert and education consultant who has worked with schools worldwide.
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