Annual Certificate in Online Safety for Parents & Carers of Children aged 7-11 (International Schools- Arabic)

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About The Course

Annual Certificate in Online Safety for Parents & Carers of Children aged 7-11 (International Schools- Arabic)

Course Duration: 1 hour 50 minutes (approx.)

Children aged between 7 and 11 start to become more aware of the possibilities of the internet and begin to make decisions about what they would like to do online which is usually either influenced by their peers or by their interests. As they start to become more independent, and start to access different things, it’s important parents take an active interest in their children’s safety online.

Our annual online safety training for parents and carers provides you with the knowledge and skills you need to feel confident and empowered to help keep children safe online.

Split into bite-sized modules, the training has been designed to provide maximum learning potential in the leanest, most cost-effective and most time-efficient manner. It has been produced in high-quality remote video CPD format which is accessible on any device, any time, anywhere.

Developed by Philippa Wraithmell, Award-winning global digital transformation specialist and Apple Distinguished Educator, the course is split into five modules. The course consists of learning through video modules, completion of tasks, further reading and viewing external resources. Please consider this when planning and allocating your time. To successfully understand and achieve the objectives of the course, learners are expected to engage in all aspects of the learning process and complete all relevant activities to ensure they can successfully apply the knowledge and skills they have gained in their own setting.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the online world today and striking a balance between promoting the positive use of the internet and safeguarding children from harm.
  • Recognising how children at this age are interacting with the online world, the technology they’re using and what games and platforms are most popular.
  • Identifying the common risks that children at this age are most vulnerable to and the range of online harms to be aware of.
  • Understanding what steps to take to support a culture of online safety at home and help build children’s digital resilience.
  • Recognising the importance of communicating with children at all times, keeping an open dialogue and providing children with the tools they need to keep themselves safe.


Module 1: Parenting in a digital world

Module 1 will explore what it can be like for a parent in the digital world and the difficulty in striking a balance between experiencing the positive and negative aspect of the internet.

Module 2: What are children accessing online?

Module 2 will look at how children at this age are most commonly interacting with the online world, what content they are consuming, what apps they might be using and the games they are playing.

Module 3: Common risks

In module 3 you will learn about the risks that children at this age are often most vulnerable to, how their relationship with technology might develop and how this can impact how they feel and behave.

Module 4: Safety steps

Module 4 will explore the various measures you can implement at home to help keep your child safe online and support them to experience the online world in a more secure environment.

Module 5: Reflection and impact goals

Module 5 will help you to consolidate your learning and reflect on the key points with some impact goals that you can take away and implement at home.

Course Units


تم تطوير هذه الدورة من قبل فيليبا رايثميل Philippa Wraithmell، المتخصصة في التحول الرقمي العالمي الحائزة على جوائز والتي تقود حاليًا الاستراتيجيات الرقمية في المدارس في جميع أنحاء المملكة المتحدة والإمارات العربية المتحدة

الوحدة التدريبية 1: الأبوة والأمومة في عالم رقمي

سوف تستكشف الوحدة التدريبية 1 ما يمكن أن يكون عليه الأمر بالنسبة للأب أو الأم في العالم الرقمي وصعوبة تحقيق التوازن بين تجربة الجانب الإيجابي والحانب السلبي للإنترنت

الوحدة التدريبية 2: ما الذي يصل إليه الأطفال على الإنترنت؟

ستنظر الوحدة التدريبية 2 في كيفية تفاعل الأطفال في هذا العمر بشكل شائع مع عالم الإنترنت، والمحتوى الذي يتصفحونه، والتطبيقات التي قد يستخدمونها والألعاب التي يلعبونها

الوحدة التدريبية 3: المخاطر الشائعة

في الوحدة التدريبية 3، ستتعرف على المخاطر التي يتعرض لها الأطفال في هذا العمر غالبًا، وكيف يمكن أن تتطور علاقتهم بالتكنولوجيا وكيف يمكن أن يؤثر ذلك على شعورهم وتصرفهم

الوحدة التدريبية 4: خطوات السلامة

ستستكشف الوحدة التدريبية 4 التدابير المختلفة التي يمكنك تنفيذها في المنزل للمساعدة في الحفاظ على سلامة طفلك على الإنترنت ودعمه لتجربة عالم الإنترنت في بيئة أكثر سلامة وأمانًا

الوحدة التدريبية 5: الانعكاس وأهداف التأثير

ستساعدك الوحدة التدريبية 5 على تعزيز تعلمك والتفكير في النقاط الرئيسية مع بعض أهداف التأثير التي يمكنك إزالتها وتنفيذها في المنزل

Philippa Wraithmell

About The Expert

Philippa Wraithmell

Award-winning global digital transformation specialist and Apple Distinguished Educator with extensive senior leadership experience.
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