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Dr Raffaello Rossi

Dr Raffaello Rossi

Dr Raffaello Rossi is lecturer in marketing at the University of Bristol. As a social scientist, he is interested in the interface of social media marketing, public policy and consumer protection. His most recent work investigates the use of gambling advertising on social media to inform policy-makers and protect consumers, particularly children and young persons.

He recently published a report called “What are the odds? The appeal of gambling ads to children and young persons on Twitter” based on novel research that included over 650 participants aged 11-76. The report was widely reported on in UK media and prompted a discussion in the House of Lords.

Beyond this, Raffaello contributed to recent gambling policy work in IpsosMORI´s Synthesis Report into the effect of gambling marketing and advertising on children and young people and co-authored the “Biddable Youth” report, a benchmark research investigating over 880,000 UK gambling adverts posted on Twitter. This work was featured in major national and international news outlets (e.g. The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, Channel 4, BBC, Der Spiegel).

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