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Jonathan Taylor

Jonathan Taylor

Jonathan Taylor is an online safety, social media and online grooming expert who previously worked as a Covert Internet Investigator within the Metropolitan Police Child Abuse Investigation Command Team for over 10 years.

Jonathans practical and academic research has allowed him to become an expert in the field of online paedophile activity, and as such, he now lectures, presents and advises to law enforcement, academics and parents on the dangers of online sexual grooming and exploitation. He also educates professionals on the dangers of social media and gaming in relation to online child sexual grooming and continues to research and study the latest apps and online harms.

Jonathan has worked extensively with both UK and international schools in delivering training and guidance around the latest online dangers, apps and platforms. He has been pivotal in helping schools to develop robust online safety policies and has engaged learners from the school SLT to teachers to parents and students.

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