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Q. What is online safety?

Online safety refers to the act of staying safe online. It is also commonly known as internet safety, e-safety and cyber safety. It encompasses all technological devices which have access to the internet from PCs and laptops to smartphones and tablets. Being safe online means individuals are protecting themselves and others from online harms and risks which may jeopardise their personal information, lead to unsafe communications or even effect their mental health and wellbeing.

Q. Why is online safety important?

The internet is now an integral part of our lives. Online safety, also known as e-safety or internet safety, is extremely important in making sure both adults and children feel safe, secure and confident when accessing and engaging with content online.

Q. Who are National Online Safety?

National Online Safety are a multi-award winning provider of online safety e-learning and resources for the whole schools community.

Q. What do National Online Safety do?

National Online Safety support schools across the world to keep children safe online through our engaging and award-winning online safety training and classroom resources, designed for the whole school community.

Q. How do National Online Safety deliver their training?

All of our online safety courses are CPD certified and delivered through a high-quality video format, accessible through our state-of-the art Learning Hub.

Q. What are the statutory policies which relate to online safety?

All of our courses fall in line with the latest statutory guidance issued by the Department for Education. This includes ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSiE)’, ‘Teaching Online Safety in Schools’, ‘Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education’ and the ‘Education for a Connected World’ framework.

Q. Do National Online Safety courses take into account Ofsted criteria?

Yes. All of our courses have been designed to fall in line with the Ofsted ‘Education Inspection Framework’, the ‘Ofsted School Inspection Handbook’ and ‘Inspecting Safeguarding in Early Years, Education and Skills Settings’ guidance.

Q. How can National Online Safety help my school?

National Online Safety provide a complete a solution for schools to implement an effective approach to online safety. Our certified schools programme will help schools to meet their statutory online safety requirements, ensure staff, parents and pupils feel confident in tackling online safety issues and support the whole school community with staying up to date with the latest online safety news and trends.

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