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NOS Certified School Community Case Study – Jewell Academy

Jewell Academy, a primary located on the outskirts of Bournemouth, have used their NOS Certified School Community membership to tackle the “seemingly daily” list of changing online risks and challenges.

As a mid-sized Primary which is part of an academy chain, Jewell’s SLT felt it was “important” to collectively have on-demand access to online safety training and updates. With 380 pupils, over 50 staff and an even wider range of governors and parents, the school required accessible interactive expert training suitable for the whole school community. They found exactly what they needed with National Online Safety.

The school joined NOS’s Certified School Community programme in May 2018. Since then, their teachers, governors and parents have used the full package of tailored courses, resources, email updates and ready-made lesson plans to overhaul their response to rapidly changing online safety challenges.


Key Facts:

School: Jewell Academy
Type: Primary
Location: Townsend, Bournemouth
Pupils: 380
Staff: 54 including all teaching, office and support staff
Joined: May 2018
Achieved Certified status: April 2019
Liked: Ease of access, interactive, suitably challenging courses, range of resources

“As a school we liked the combination of interactive training and accessible lesson planning for pupils. With issues of e-safety growing seemingly daily, it felt important to have a source of training and information for both staff, pupils and governors.”
– James Livesley, Year 4 Class Teacher / Computing Coordinator

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Jewell’s staff valued the combination of tiered and interactive training and accessible lesson plans available to all Certified School Community members. They commented on how the courses are easy to access as well as being relevant, informative and broad enough in scope so that no one – not even experienced teachers – were “simply going over old ground”. They said that the course for Designated Safety Leads is suitably challenging and the video elements helped explain particularly difficult areas of e-safety.

Parents have also fed back to the school that they welcomed the opportunity to get involved in the training and have actively rcognised the importance of online safety for their children.

Jewell Academy successfully achieved Certified School Community status in under one year in April 2019. They are continuing their National Online Safety membership to constantly keep up to date with new and evolving online safety issues as they emerge and guidance changes.

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