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Leicestershire Police: Addressing The Online Drugs Trade

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In this webinar James Edmondston, Substance Misuse Officer and Katie Hudson, Children & Young Persons Officer from Leicestershire Police will be looking at some of the new and emerging ways in which young people are accessing drugs, and the dangers they are being exposed to. The traditional view, is that to get hold of drugs you need to interact with a dealer on the street, however, a growing trend particularly in young people is to source substances online, including via social media and messaging apps.

Around a quarter of secondary school age children have experimented with drugs, with some of these continuing to use on a regular basis often as recreational users. The more substances a young person uses, and the longer they use them for, the greater their chances of becoming problematic users and coming to serious harm.

Many young people who use substances will rely upon social supply networks, accessing these substances via friends and relations. Online sources of supply including apps are increasing in popularity due to their convenience and through dealers exploiting the popularity of messaging apps and social media.

For many young people, the online world allows access to a wider range of substances than they might otherwise have been able to source and provides a false sense of security regarding drug quality, their own safety, and the chances that they will come into contact with the police.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • Improve knowledge of which substances are currently popular with young people
  • Examine the dangers associated with these substances and the risks young people are exposed to when trying to access drugs in this manner
  • Give an understanding of how young people access substances online and highlight some of the tactics employed by online dealers to appeal specifically to young people
  • Look at some case studies of young people’s experiences with this online drug market
  • Understand what is meant by a harm reduction approach
  • Look at the best ways to engage and inform young people around substances in your educational setting

Publish date: 10.7.19

The expansion of the online world, including the rise of the dark web and social media, has made it increasingly easier to sell and buy drugs with limited risk of getting caught. With many children and young people now browsing the internet via their own tablets and mobile phones, the digital world has allowed drugs to become more accessible to a younger audience. Click the buttons below to download.

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