Oscar’s Adventures in the Online World Book Review: Harry

//Oscar’s Adventures in the Online World Book Review: Harry

Holme Valley Primary School, in Scunthorpe, recently ordered our ‘Oscar’s Adventures in the Online World’ lesson packs and storybooks. We have already had a positive response from the teachers who used the story in their lessons, and now we are delighted to share this review from one of their year 7 pupils, Harry who loved the book too!

Reviewed by: Harry
Age: 9
Holme Valley School, Scunthorpe

This is the story of a boy called Oscar who is whisked away to the world of his tablet computer. He faces a lot of challenges along the way and you make the decisions. One night, Oscar is lying in his bed when suddenly he is transported to the online world. All of the challenges that he faces teach young people how to be safe online. All of the decisions he makes are decided by you however on some of the challenges it makes you think twice about your answer. This book uses rhyme to encourage children to read it and learn how to be safe online. I would recommend this book to 6-10 year olds as it encourages you to make decisions by yourself without an adult to help you. Some of the challenges Oscar faces teach you not to post any photos to anyone you don’t know online. Some people will pretend that they are your age when they are actually an adult, if you send photos of yourself to people you don’t know you could put yourself at risk of being embarrassed at school, home or pretty much anywhere.

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