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National Online Safety Certified Organisation Accreditation

For organisations in the UK and overseas who work with children, young people or vulnerable adults
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Our Whole Organisation Approach to Online Safety

NOS Certified Organisation

Our Certified Organisation Accreditation is a complete solution for any organisation, who works with children and young people, to implement an effective approach to online safety. It has been designed by education professionals to meet the statutory online safety safeguarding duties outlined by Government.

Full School Licence

Whole Organisation Training

Unlimited licences to our Certificate in Online Safety Risks course

Webinar Recording

Monthly Online Safety Update Service

Supporting organisations to stay on top of online safety related news, social media updates, gaming updates and evolving online issues.

Our Full Social Media Webinar

Resources, Lesson Plans and Parent Guides

Access to our Resource Hub containing over 50 platform guides and lesson plans in online safety.

Question & Answer Session

NOS Certified Organisation Accreditation

Accreditation for organisation including a certified organisation plaque when you meet our approval criteria.

Social Media Resources

Dedicated Online Safety eLearning Hub

Implement training to all staff with just one click and report on course access and completion.


Unlimited licences to our 'Certificate in Online Safety Risks' course

Unlimited licences to our 'Managing Your Online Reputation' course

Unlimited access to our 'Online Safety Resource Hub' containing over 50 platform guides

Free access to our 'Monthly Online Safety Summary Webinar'

NOS Certified Organisation Accreditation and Plaque

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Certificate in Online Safety Risks

This course has been designed to teach anyone working with children, young people or vulnerable adults about the dangers and risks of: Age-inappropriate content, Child Sexual Exploitation, Fake News, Live-streaming, Online Bullying, Online Gambling and Skin Betting, Online Grooming, Online Relationships, Online Reputation, Overspending, Phishing, Radicalisation, Screen-addiction, Sexting, Sexual Violence and Harassment, and the Dark Web. Included in the package, parents will have access to all of our parent guides which are designed to highlight the key dangers of the most popular websites and apps that children are currently using and suggest effective strategies for keeping them safe while using them.

  • Developed in line with Government guidance.

  • Interactive quizzes throughout to check your understanding.

  • Evidence training with downloadable course certificates.

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Online Reputation for Staff Course

Our online reputation course helps staff to mange their personal and the organisation’s online reputation. 

  • The course can be accessed via multiple devices and browsers, meaning learners can complete at their own convenience.

  • The course includes interactive quizzes to check the users understanding of social media throughout.

  • Modules include; Managing personal online reputation, managing the organisation’s online reputation, crisis management and pro-active reputation.

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Online Safety Resource Hub

We provide you with posters, guides and teaching resources which cover important online safety topics including online relationships, online bullying and managing online information.

  • You will receive guides created by teachers and online safety experts.

  • Each resources includes a supporting presentation to educate children how to stay safe online through interactivity.

  • We provide you with bright and stimulating printable resources.

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Monthly Online Safety Update Webinar Series

Your organisation will have access to the latest webinar series each month. There’s nothing to download, and you’re able to access the training at your convenience on your phone, laptop or tablet.

  • Our webinars are accessible through computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices so you can watch them on the go.
  • If you are not available to attend on the dates we provide, we will send you a recording of the webinar to view at your convenience.
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Monthly Online Safety Newsletter

All staff will receive a monthly newsletter including the most up to date Online Safety news, useful hints and tips, statistics, free resources and much more.

  • Our Online Safety experts compile the most important news from the month so you can keep up to date with the online world.
  • The newsletter can be sent to all of your staff, accessible via their computers and mobile devices.

  • The newsletters will occasionally include free resources for your classrooms and staff room.
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