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National Online Safety Certified Schools Accreditation

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Providing You With a ‘Whole School Community Approach’ to Online Safety

Our Certified Schools Package responds to current DfE statutory guidance around online safety, including the revised ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’, which came into effect on 2nd September 2019. The package includes award-winning online safety e-learning, resources and updates for the whole school community, including Designated Safeguarding Leads, SENDCos, all school staff and governors, pupils and parents/carers.

Full School Licence

Whole School Community Training

CPD accredited online safety training for the whole school community.

Webinar Recording

Monthly Online Safety Updates

Monthly updates in online safety news, social media, gaming and evolving online issues.

Our Full Social Media Webinar

Award Winning Online Safety Guides

Full access to over 50 platform guides as part of our industry recognised #WakeUpWednesday campaign.

Question & Answer Session

Innovative Lesson Resources

Fun, engaging and immersive lesson resources produced by teachers, for teachers.

Social Media Resources

Dedicated Online Safety e-Learning Hub

The ability to manage your whole school certification from a dedicated e-Learning hub.

Social Media Resources

Exceptional Value for Money

An unlimited number of licences gives you exceptional value for the entire school.


Online Safety for DSLs Course

Online Safety for School Staff & Governors Course (for all your staff)

Online Safety Course for Professionals Working with Children with SEND (for all your staff)

Online Safety for Parents & Carers Course (for all parents)

Social Media for School Staff Course (for all your staff)

Online Safety Lesson Resources (for all teachers)

Access to our Online Safety Resource Hub containing all our platform guides (for the whole community)

Monthly Online Safety Update Webinar Series (for the whole community)

Monthly Online Safety Newsletter (for the whole community)

NOS Certified School Accreditation and Plaque

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Online Safety Course for DSLs

DSLs are the glue that holds together every aspect of safeguarding children both in and out of education, including their online safety.

  • What the role of a designated safeguarding lead looks like and your responsibilities in relation to online safety.
  • Key DfE policy requirements around online safety, both statutory and non-statutory.
  • How to manage referrals and what DSL’s should know about online safeguarding for SEND and vulnerable learners.
  • About a comprehensive range of online dangers which children may encounter.
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Online Safety Course for School Staff & Governors

School staff and governors play a vital role in setting an example for the whole school. They are central to implementing online safety policies and processes.

  • The importance of online safety and the role of school staff within a legislative framework.
  • The ways in which children are engaging with the online world.
  • How to protect children with SEND and why these children are particularly vulnerable to online risks.
  • About a comprehensive range of online dangers which children may encounter.
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Online Safety Course for Professionals Working with Children with SEND

SENCo’s play a central role in safeguarding pupils with SEND. They are a core element of ensuring relevant policies are adhered to, co-ordinating SEND provision and providing the necessary support that SEND and vulnerable learners need.

  • What is actually meant by ‘SEND’ and ‘vulnerable learner’.
  • About relevant legislation and the roles and responsibilities of those who need to be involved in SEND safeguarding provision.
  • Guidance on school policy implementation, how to take a whole school approach to online safety and where you can receive further guidance and support.
  • About a comprehensive range of online dangers which children may encounter.
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Online Safety Course for Parents & Carers

The first line of defence in keeping children safe online are parents and carers. Online risks do not start and stop at the school gates and encouraging and supporting parents to become involved in their child’s online safety at home will ensure they are receiving the most complete protection they possibly can.

  • The range of online dangers children may encounter regarding their communications online including, for example, fake profiles, online bullying and sexting.
  • What dangers can seriously affect a child’s mental health, wellbeing and lifestyle including, for example, screen addiction, online gambling and radicalisation.
  • How children can effectively manage the information they see and engage with online, managing risks such as age inappropriate content, fake news and their own personal data.
  • Exactly what each danger is, the risks around each danger, potential signs and what parents and trusted adults can do to help ensure their child’s online safety.
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Online Safety Lesson Resources

Produced by teachers for teachers, our content rich suite of lesson resources will bring your online safety lessons to life. Fun, engaging and interactive, our new video lesson plans ensure children fully immerse themselves in staying safe online.

  • Complete lesson packs for EYFS, KS1, KS2, KS3 and KS4 based on the UKCCIS “Education for a Connected World” Framework.
  • Easy to follow activities which can be tailored to time and involves both traditional and computer-based learning.
  • Our new online safety interactive video lesson plans, working alongside some of the biggest names in children’s TV.
  • A copy of Oscars Adventures in the Online World Storybook to add to your school library and use as a perfect resource to encourage further reading around online safety.
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Online Reputation Course for Schools and School Staff

Protecting and enhancing your school’s online reputation is critical in todays digital age. A negative online reputation can lead to bad press, affect admissions, individual careers and your school’s overall reputation.

  • What your online reputation is and why you should be concerned, including examples of both positive and negative actions which can affect your online reputation.
  • How both schools and individual members of staff can audit their online reputation and what measures can be taken to help protect it.
  • Preventative techniques, intervention measures and practical advice on what to do post-intervention.
  • What steps to take moving forward and the external support and advice available.
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Access to our Online Safety Resource Hub containing all our platform guides

Our award-winning #WakeUpWednesday guides are viewed as one of the most trusted and reputable learning resources in the UK.

  • A new guide on the #WakeUpWednesday guide every week direct to your inbox.
  • Access to over 50 current guides on the latest platforms and online risks that parents and carers need to know about.
  • Guides written and produced some of the most credible voices in online safety.

Monthly Online Safety Webinars

The online world is constantly evolving so it’s important for your school to stay on top of the latest updates regarding online safety statutory requirements as well the most relevant issues affecting the online world.

  • Access to our current library of online safety webinars, produced in partnership with some of the most trusted experts in online safety.
  • Every new webinar released, focusing on the most relevant and hard-hitting topics in online safety.
  • Webinars which are accessible anywhere, anytime on any device.
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Monthly Online Safety Newsletter

Keeping on top the latest news around platforms, social media, gaming and the digital world is no easy task for the modern teacher. Our weekly and monthly roundup newsletter make it easier for schools to stay up to speed.

  • The latest weekly news compiled by our online safety experts, keeping you up to date with the most recent developments in the online world.
  • The ability to share the newsletter with all of your school staff, accessible via their computers and mobile devices.
  • Occasional free resources for your classrooms and staff room.
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Email & Phone Support

We offer our certified schools email and phone support to help advise your school with any technical problems you may experience.

  • A dedicated member of our customer care team assigned to your school.
  • A response to any email queries within 24 hours.
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