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Impactful Online Safety resources and lesson plans for classrooms


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Online Safety Classroom Pack

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Online Safety Classroom Pack

In our classroom pack we have engaging Key Stage 1 & 2 lessons, covering cyberbullying, online payments, online gaming, social media and personal information. Our interactive lessons fall in line with our ‘Oscar’s Adventures in the Online World’ book and help children make the right decisions online through an engaging story and fun activities.


Lesson Plans

Our Online Safety lesson plans are created by teachers for teachers. We provide you with detailed information to create discussions with a flow that works and keeps children engaged.



Our online safety classroom presentations educate children how to stay safe online through interactivity. Each presentation includes important tips and scenarios to encourage children to make safe decisions online.


Classroom Resources

We provide you with bright and stimulating resources that are integrated into the lesson plans for KS1 and KS2. These can be downloaded and printed freely to support teachers in their Online Safety lessons.

Our KS1 lesson plans encourage children to think about the basics of online dangers and how to stay safe in the online world. Each lesson covers relevant topics for this age group, including understanding the internet, personal information, who to trust and when, passwords and being aware of online dangers

“The NOS resource helped us deliver workshops to showcase the importance of internet safety to over 90 year 6 children. Each workshop lasted over 30 minutes and included an engaging presentation, an entertaining storyline, a variety of scenarios and a chance for the children to take part and get involved, whilst still maintaining the key focus on the importance of Online Safety.”

Philly Marshall, ICT Teacher, Oasis Academy

Online Safety Lesson Plans

Our KS2 lesson plans encourage children to think about online dangers and how to stay safe in the online world. Each lesson covers relevant topics for this age group, including online gaming, cyberbullying and payments online. We take children on a journey through the online world, encouraging them to make the right decisions through an interactive story and high quality resources.

Online Safety Presentations

Each lesson presentation helps children understand different scenarios relating to the dangers of the internet. The interactive nature of the story highlights topics for children to discuss their own experiences and their suggested actions if faced with online dangers. Each presentation includes tips about online safety with visual examples to explain their meaning. We provide in depth presentation notes with conversation topics and detailed information where necessary. 

Online Safety Book

To accompany the lessons, we provide you with copies of our Online Safety book ‘Oscar’s Adventures in the Online World’. We created the book to help children understand what it takes to stay safe in the online world. It can be used throughout the lessons for the children to read and also as a constant resource of information for the classroom once the lessons are complete.

Classroom Resources

We have created a unique and vibrant range of activities for our Online Safety lessons to encourage deeper learning and discussions about staying safe online between pupils. From sorting cards to example sheets, our KS2 classroom resources aim to teach children about online dangers, cyberbullying, phishing scams, how to be kind online and how to spot these online dangers.

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