Oscar’s Adventures in the Online World Book Launch

//Oscar’s Adventures in the Online World Book Launch

Introducing our new Online Safety storybook, written by James Southworth and illustrated by Sarah Graham from National Online Safety.

Titled “Oscar’s Adventures in the Online World” our new children’s book is perfect for children to read at home or as a classroom resource. During the story, we follow Oscar on his adventurous journey through the online world.

Oscar is transported through a digital world of dangers when he opens his tablet during the night. Faced by multiple scenarios, including online payments and friend requests from strangers, Oscar needs the help of the reader to make the correct decisions to help him keep safe.

James Southworth, Director at NOS said; “We created the online safety storybook to encourage children to make the right decisions to stay safe online. The goal is to connect with as many children as possible around the UK in a creative way, to get them to think about online dangers on a deeper level. We want the book to make a lasting impression on children so we’ve included vibrant illustrations and interactivity throughout.”

If you would like order a copy (or multiple copies!) of ‘Oscar’s Adventures in the Online World’ for your child or classroom, click here.

RRP: £16.00 inc. delivery

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