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NOS Certified

Audit + Training + Certification = Certified School Status

The most comprehensive Online Safety package for schools looking to train their staff, and prepare their school, for an Ofsted inspection. Our certified school status combines our Online Safety audit and Online Safety training package with consultancy support to implement any areas of improvement highlighted through the audit.

NOS Certified Schools demonstrate that they have taken comprehensive steps to ensure they are compliant with Ofsted’s Online Safety requirements, and can therefore use the NOS Certified School badge across all marketing materials.

To become a NOS Certified School:

Online Safety Ofsted Audit

Online Safety Ofsted Audit

We complete an Online Safety audit of your school and provide a recommendations report on changes to implement for Ofsted.

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Online Safety Training

Online Safety Training

We provide Online Safety training to all school staff covering the importance of Online Safety, identifying risks and deadline with disclosures.

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Certified School Status

Certified School Status

Schools receive an Ofsted audit, training and ongoing support to implement our audit recommedations to achieve Certified School Status.

3 Steps to becoming a NOS Certified School:

1. Online Safety Audit

Our comprehensive in-person Online Safety audit covers:

  • A visit to your school by one of our Online Safety experts
  • A detailed report on each of 29 aspects of online safety to be covered through an Ofsted inspection
  • A set of improvement actions for each aspect

2. Online Safety Training

Our Online Safety e-learning course for school staff includes:

  • A downloadable course certificate to evidence training for Ofsted
  • Course content covering, The Importance of Online Safety, Online Safety Risks, Dealing with Disclosures and a bonus unit on Social Media
  • Easy access to our digital course online, on PC, tablet or mobile
  • Guidance on what your staff need to know for an Ofsted inspection

3. NOS Certification

  • Our certified school status combines our audit and training package with consultancy support to implement any areas of improvement highlighted through the audit.

Included in the NOS
Certified School Package:

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Access to Online Safety E-learning Course

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Evidence training for Ofsted with downloadable course certificates

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Annual access to updated course content as new guidance is published

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Access to downloadable template school policies in word format

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Resource Hub access including all published Online Safety and e-Safety guidance

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Visit to your school by a Certified Online Safety expert

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Full Online Safety Audit according to Ofsted requirements

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Recommendations report in line with Ofsted requirements

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