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Online Safety Training for Schools

The Online Safety digital training package has been designed by Online Safety Experts and Educators for schools looking to upskill key members of their staff in all matters relating to Online Safety, in line with Ofsted requirements.

Our Online Safety School e-learning course has been designed for schools as a comprehensive training solution to Online Safety according to Ofsted requirements, providing suitable evidence of training for an inspection.

Our Online Safety e-learning course for school staff includes:

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Interactive course content to check your understanding

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A downloadable course certificate to evidence training for Ofsted

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Guidance on what you need to know for an Ofsed inspection

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Course content covering, The Importance of Online Safety, Online Safety Risks, Dealing with Disclosures and a bonus unit on Social Media

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Downloadable certificate for evidence of training during an Ofsted inspection

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Access to our Resource Hub that includes all published Online Safety and e-Safety guidance in one location

Three areas of online safety risk:


Being exposed to illegal, inappropriate or harmful material;


Being subjected to harmful online interaction with other users; and


Personal online behaviour that increases the likelihood of, or causes, harm.


As schools and colleges increasingly work online, it is essential that children and schools staff are safeguarded from potentially harmful and inappropriate online material.

This course has been specifically designed for Teachers and School Staff to protect and educate the whole school in their use of technology and establish mechanisms to identify, intervene in and escalate any online safety incident where appropriate.

Module 1

In this unit we take a look at the importance and need for everybody to stay safe online. We will take a look at the three main forms of risk, DfE guidance, what you need to know with regards Ofsted and what they might ask during an inspection.

Module 2

In this unit we will take a look at the different types of online safety risk that our students and pupils might encounter, any indicative signs that might help us to identify victims and vulnerable students. We will also give you some tips in how to discuss different areas of online safety with your students.

Module 3

In this unit we will look at what you should do in the case of a disclosure and the procedure that you should follow to ensure that you handle the disclosure in the correct way.

Module 4

Today social networking has become an integral part of the majority of people's lives. Whether it’s teachers, students or parents, the way we communicate with each other has changed so much within the last decade. Many teachers and professionals use social networking services, such as Facebook and Twitter, to keep in touch with friends and family. This section has been designed as a guide to support your personal use of these services, keeping you, your students, and your job safe.


The online safety course exam has been designed to test each student’s knowledge on the topics we’ve covered in the previous modules. If the student achieves a pass, they will be awarded a personalised completion certificate to evidence training in the event of an Ofsted inspection.

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