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Interactive Online Safety Video Resources for Key Stage 2

Brand new for 2019-20, our new interactive video lesson plans will bring your classroom to life!

What are they?

Based on the eight key topics outlined in the UKCCIS ‘Education for a Connected World’ framework, our new Key Stage 2 interactive video lessons talk to the children about online dangers in a fun and engaging way, providing a truly immersive experience.
Each video lesson has accompanying activities to support learning on the topic of online safety, helping to provide young children with the knowledge to protect themselves from the risks they pose when using technology.

Interactive Online Safety Video Resources for Key Stage 2

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Based on the UKCCIS “Education for a Connected World” Framework, our lesson plans and resources cover all of the learning objectives listed below:

How do the lesson plans work?

3 easy steps to a fun and imaginative learning environment

Our interactive video lesson plans work hand-in-hand with our downloadable lesson packs to ensure both you and your class receive a comprehensive learning experience.

  • Step 1: Introduce and watch the interactive video

  • Step 2: Choose your teacher-led learning activity

  • Step 3: Encourage your children to develop independent learning around the topic

What’s included?

Our Key Stage 2 interactive video lesson plans have been designed to engage and inspire young minds to learn about online safety.

  • Featuring the extremely talented and engaging Jen Pringle, presenter of Milkshake! on Channel 5
  • Nurturing learning and development through experimenting, exploring and problem-solving, each video lesson has been specifically designed for KS/2 pupils
  • Produced in a classroom environment to help encourage children to better connect, relate and interact
  • Easily accessible via our dedicated learning hub

Downloadable lesson pack

Featuring a range of age-appropriate activities, teachers will also receive our supplementary lesson pack to help structure and embed classroom learning.

  • Easy to download, easy to follow lesson packs complementing every interactive online safety video
  • Clear learning objectives detailed from the start with choice of both teacher-led and independent activities
  • Key word prompts to aid teaching and learning as well as access to further supplementary resources

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