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Online Safety Course for Parents and Carers Demo

Online Safety Course for Parents and Carers Demo

Welcome to the ‘Online Safety Course for Parents & Carers’ demo page. Here you will find access to two of our online safety videos. The full course is comprised of a series of sixteen videos and was designed to support schools in their quest to engage their whole school community as they take on the responsibility of teaching parents the necessary information required to help keep their families safe in this digital world.

Introduction to the course

Course Module Demo: Live Streaming

Course Module Demo: Screen Addiction

Platform Guide Examples

This course also gives you access to our most up-to-date guides Parent guides, that highlight the most prominent risks of social media apps, games, and sites that children are currently using. Click on the icons below to find out more information about each app and to download our useful tips to help keep children safe.

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What is the purpose of the course?

As technology is becoming much more pervasive, there are reports of new incidents occurring everyday, and although we are still learning about both the short-term and long-term effects of technology use, this course highlights the most prevalent risks that children face in the online world, and discusses effective strategies for prevention and protection.

What is the layout of the course?

The course layout is set out so parents understand what the danger is and what it involves, advice and what to do if an incident arises. Each video is approximately five minutes long, making it a much more convenient and effective approach to learning as they can be watched at the learner’s convenience.

What does this course cover?

In this course you will learn about the dangers and risks of: Age-inappropriate content, Child Sexual Exploitation, Fake News, Live-streaming, Online Bullying, Online Gambling and Skin Betting, Online Grooming, Online Relationships, Online Reputation, Overspending, Phishing, Radicalisation, Screen-addiction, Sexting, Sexual Violence and Harassment, and the Dark Web. Included in the package, parents will have access to all of our parent guides. Our parent guides are designed to highlight the key dangers of the most popular websites and apps that children are currently using and suggest effective strategies for keeping them safe while using them.

Conversing with my child about online dangers

Please understand that some of the topics we cover are not appropriate to discuss with children of all ages, therefore we advise you to assess the suitability of the topic before starting a conversation with your child. We advise that you be confident and reassuring when talking to them, and make sure they understand that you are only looking out for them. It’s important that they can talk to a trusted adult about any incident, online and offline, but they should also know how to report issues to services such as ChildLine, CEOP, and the NSPCC.

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