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 At National Online Safety we believe in empowering parents, carers and trusted adults with the information they need to hold informed and age-appropriate conversations about online safety with their child, should they feel it is needed. Every Wednesday we produce guides to focus on specific platforms/risks which we believe trusted adults should be aware of. Please get in touch with us should you have a suggested platform you would like us to focus on by emailing us at

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‘GET OUTSIDE!’ Online Safety Song

Social Media & Mental Health

Discord Guide

Tumblr Guide

Smart Children’s Devices Guide

Smart Home Devices Guide

YouTube Guide

TikTok Guide

Online Challenges Guide

VPNs Guide

Age Ratings Guide

Apex Legends Guide

Instagram Guide

Houseparty Guide

Catfishing Guide

7 Questions Poster

Engaging Parents in Online Safety

Grand Theft Auto Guide

Fake News Guide

Twitter Guide

Kik Guide

Twitch Guide

Live.Me Guide

Online Bullying Guide

Sexting Guide

App Store Guide

Online Grooming Guide

Reddit Guide

WhatsApp Guide

FIFA Guide

Snapchat Guide

Roblox Guide

Minecraft Guide

Fortnite: Battle Royale Guide

Live Streaming Guide

Screen Addiction Guide

Yubo Guide

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

‘YOLO’ Guide

‘Like’ Guide

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