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Social Media Course For School Staff

Train all staff with an unlimited school licence

Minimise risks & enhance your school’s online reputation

Are you responsible for any aspect of your school’s social media activities? Let us help you manage your school’s social media better.

This course has been developed for Headteachers, Senior Leadership Team, Designated Social Media Managers, Coordinators, Staff Members, Teachers and Office Administrators.

£150 + VAT for all school staff

Interactive E-Learning Course

Certificate Provided Upon Completion

Unlimited School Staff Licence

Downloadable templates included

Included in the Social Media Course for School Staff:


An Introduction to Social Media for Schools

In this module we will be introducing Social Media for Schools, in the following areas:

The definition of social media and why it is important

How social media is being used in education

The differences and benefits between different social networks

How to create a structure to managing and gathering content for your social media channels



Minimising Social Media Risks

In this module we will be teaching how to minimise social media risks for your school and staff, covering:

The potential risks to be aware of at your school

How to create guidelines for your social media activity, to ensure effective and appropriate action

Assigning responsibility and protecting your school



Facebook for Schools

Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social media platform in the world, and it can be the most powerful too! In this module you will learn: 

How to setup and manage your school’s Facebook presence safely and correctly

The difference between Facebook Pages and Groups

How to engage your school’s stakeholders through different content types

How to moderate conversations on your Facebook Page

How to measure your success



Twitter for Schools

Twitter is a powerful tool to quickly communicate with pupils and parents. In this module you will learn:


How to setup your Twitter presence correctly

How to use Twitter language including @’s and RT’s

A guide to hashtags

How to cover live events correctly

How to stay protected on Twitter

How to measure your success



Instagram for Schools

Instagram is an amazing visual platform letting you showcase beautiful photos and grow your audience quickly! In this module you will learn:


Why Instagram is a platform to consider

How to setup your school’s Instagram presence correctly

How to use filters on Instagram

How to use hashtags on Instagram

How to measure your success



Pinterest for Schools

Although Pinterest has been around since 2008, over the past year or so it has taken the world by storm! In this module you’ll learn all about:


How Pinterest is being used by schools

How to setup your school’s Pinterest presence correctly

How to create collaborative and private boards

Best practice ‘pinning’

How to measure your success

Manage Social Media Risks

We have a dedicated module for how to correctly approach social media and how to minimise risks for your school online. Critical knowledge for your school’s social media manager.

Implement Better Social Media Practices

As part of our online social media course package, we provide downloadable templates for policies and plans which you can implement for your school from day one.

Think socially, and achieve your objectives

Our digital social media course for schools has been designed to help the staff members managing the social media channels to think differently to achieve their social media goals.

“Through delivery of training courses to hundreds of schools across the UK, we have seen a differing approach to social media from school to school. We thought it was time to introduce a set of core principles and policies that every school should have in place to empower staff to manage social media more effectively, in line with the school objectives. We hope you like our Social Media for Schools course!”

J. Stoney (Founding Partner, National Online Safety)

Immediate Access to Full Course + Template Bundle:

£150 + VAT Per School

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