Survey Reveals Worrying Stats on Teachers’ Understanding of Pupils’ Social Media Activity

//Survey Reveals Worrying Stats on Teachers’ Understanding of Pupils’ Social Media Activity

As the UK children’s commissioner releases a report stating that pupils are starting secondary school unprepared for a social-media, a recent survey conducted by National Online Safety has revealed worrying statistics regarding school staff’s knowledge and understanding of their pupils’ social media activity.

Over half of all teachers say they don’t know which apps and websites their pupils are using, with only 49% of the 322 teachers surveyed said that they were confident in their knowledge of their children’s internet usage.

In an even more troubling statistic identified from the survey, nearly 70% of all teachers say that their pupils know more about social media than they do.

This reinforces Anne Longfield’s calls on schools to offer pupils effective digital-literacy lessons to protect them from a social-media “cliff edge” that causes their world to “explode”.

Here at National Online Safety, we have seen a huge rise in online incidents involving social media for pupils in recent years as the number of different social media platforms that children are using increases, presenting more and more risk.

In response to these growing risks, we have developed the Minimising Social Media Risks for Schools Webinar, offering practical ways for your school to effectively safeguard staff and pupils from the dangers of social media.

National Online Safety also offers comprehensive online safety training and auditing packages to help schools ensure they are effectively safeguarding pupils from online safety dangers and with schools across the UK achieving NOS Certified School status

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