Just completed my online safety course and wanted to feedback that I found it interesting, informative and easy to access.

The monthly updates are going to be a great way for us to keep up to date with the latest issues and I also really like the parent guides. I have had some positive feedback from others who have started the training so really glad we got on board.

Holme Valley Primary School
Anna Barrow – Deputy Head

I’m delighted to report that a good number of our staff have registered and started to make use of the training material.

We shared the news with parents last week and whilst I know it’ll take a number of reminders I’m encouraged to see that we’ve already had some register and start to access the material. 

Banister Primary School
David Hockin – School Business Manager


Interestingly, an issue arose with a young child in school and her grandmother took the child over to one of your posters we have on display, and used it to explain the dangers of their actions to the child ! Hooray!

Sacred Heart Primary School
Kate Kelly – Headteacher

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461 schools across the UK

I looked online and was impressed by the variety of courses as well as the range of topics covered. I was pleased that it supported me as an ICT manager in helping get the e-safety message out to parents.

It is reassuring for me to know that I have given all members of my school community the right tools to keep our children safe.  The courses were concise and relevant to my teachers and I thought it was important how they covered areas such as social media use by staff.  The resources were well organized and easy to access. Most staff were able to complete the course quickly and seemed pleased to earn their certificates. Emailed responses have been quick, efficient and helpful. I often had responses in under an hour. The technical side of things were made as easy as they possibly could have been. I have been genuinely impressed.

Clatford Church of England Primary School
Matt Kirk – ICT Manager

We chose National Online Safety to support our school’s online safety provisions for three reasons:

A strong presentation at GAPH’s conference, the fact that NOS have up to date guides available for parents and that it meets the new requirements of KCSIE. Our staff found these courses very easy to navigate, I found the resources very clear and the service from NOS was very swift and extremely helpful. The NOS Certified School Community Package is a truly valuable resource.

Clearwater Church of England Primary Academy
Kate Moss – Headteacher

NOS appeared to be the leading company in terms of Online Safety and proved to offer the better package deal for our school, along with very good customer support.

The courses are engaging, professional and offer great information. The presentations also appear friendly and look ‘interesting’, which is helpful. The resources are useful and engaging and the Deputy DSL said that the courses are very good and are interesting.

The Libra School
Shannon Casserly – Online Safety Lead

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