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General Data Protection Regulations coming into effect in May 2018


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About the GPDR for Nurseries Webinar

On the 25th of May 2018 the Data Protection Act will be replaced with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) bringing about a whole new host of procedures and regulations – as a result the way you collect, manage and store data will have to change. This is why we’ve put together the National Online Safety GDPR package to help schools across the UK comply with GDPR.

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What’s Included in our GDPR Webinar Package?

Our Full GDPR Webinar

Our Full GDPR Webinar

You’ll receive our full GDPR webinar, hosted by Rob Jephcote, our GDPR and Online Safety Expert.

 Webinar Recording

Webinar Recording

Not going to be around? We’ll send you a copy of the Webinar, directly to your inbox to keep. 

Q&A Session

Q&A Session

At the end of the Webinar we’ll hold a Q&A session giving you the chance to ask any GDPR related questions. 

Full School Licence

Full School Licence

We will provide a recording of the webinar so you can share with the full SLT within your school.

Can you answer the following questions?

What is GDPR and how will it affect my nursery?

When is our nurserie allowed to process data?

Can my nursery be fined?

How do I gain consent under GDPR?

How likely is it that you’ll suffer a data breach and what can I do to stop this?

 Legal and Ofsted obligations for your nursery to comply with GDPR

Under current legislation you already have a duty of care to ensure that nursery records, databases of student and staff information are kept safe and secure, and with the GDPR coming into effect in May, you’ll be required by law to comply with this new regulation.

Did you know that failure to comply with GDPR regulations can lead to fines of up to £500,000 by the ICO? Our GDPR for Nurseries webinar will help you to understand the changes coming into effect and how they could affect your nursery.

The Host: Rob Jephcote

Rob is a qualified Teacher and Software engineer, having worked in the education sector for 12 years including 4 years as director of eLearning and IT infrastructure he has worked closely with Europe’s Online Safety Standards to ensure compliance to the highest standards within educational establishments. Alongside school based experience, Rob has also written numerous courses about Online Safety, data protection and the Prevent Duty.


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