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Online Safety Course for Parents and Carers


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Online Safety Course for Parents - Whole School Access

The Online Safety Course for Parents & Carers is an interactive training course that has been developed to support schools effectively engage with families and give them the knowledge to keep children safe online.

It is therefore important that schools take a proactive approach in communicating the key messages in online safety to parents, carers and families, empowering them with the knowledge to keep children protected at home when using the internet.

  • Interactive and engaging course that can be completed at the learner’s convenience
  • Supports schools to take a proactive approach towards helping families protect their children at home
  • Regularly updated information about the latest websites and online platforms that children are using
  • Useful guides and tips about the risks to look out for and how to protect children effectively
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Instant online access for all parents & carers

As a school, it is your duty to safeguard pupils from the dangers of the internet. However, despite school’s best efforts improving online safety provisions within the school, the greatest risk for children is often out of school hours when they have unrestricted access to websites, platforms and devices.

Our Full Social Media Webinar

Mrs A Greenwood

“The Online Safety course was really insightful. Not only did I discover ways to communicate with my children about their online presence, but I now know how to spot and deal with a series of online dangers that I and my child could potentially face.”

Our Full Social Media Webinar

Ms Matthews

“Before taking the course I was a complete novice when it came to Online Safety, now I’m confident that I can keep both my child and myself safe when using the Internet. A very useful tool that all parents should have!”

Our Full Social Media Webinar

Interactive tips and quizzes incorporated into the course to help you implement all the information you have learnt during each unit.

Webinar Recording

Covers a large amount of risks for children online, including current information about online dangers and the newest platforms.

Question & Answer Session

We discuss what dangers to look out for and how to prevent issues, and how to communicate with your child about their online presence.

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