An Introduction to Online Gambling

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Young people are often introduced to gambling behaviours by features of online games like loot boxes and skin betting. In this short video, Myleene Klass addresses how adults can educate children about online gambling or gambling-adjacent behaviours - and how we might spot a young person who is developing a problem.

Online Gambling Apps

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Most high street bookmakers now offer their own mobile app, while there are countless other lottery or casino-style sites and games throughout the digital world. They're for adults only, of course - but their sheer volume and visibility frequently catches the attention of impressionable younger eyes. Our five-minute video will give you the inside track on gambling apps.

From Online Gaming to Online Gambling: The Signs and Preventing Addiction

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This webinar provides schools with the knowledge and understanding they need to put in place supportive and preventative strategies for children, before the lure of gambling sets in.

Overspending Explained

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Young internet users can make in-app or in-game purchases easily, and often without thinking it through. If proper controls aren’t set up, this can quickly lead to hefty bills; our bite-size video explains how to avoid being left out of pocket.

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