An Introduction to Technology & Devices

  • Available On Demand

Whilst the kids of yesteryear would only really be interested in games consoles or music gear, our new world of user-friendly tech means that children are interacting with a huge range of devices on a daily basis.

Online Safety: Understanding your Statutory Duties and Effectively Supporting Parents & Carers During Lockdown

  • Available On Demand

In this webinar, Senior Online Safety Consultant, Chris Skinner, discusses what schools need to know in relation to their statutory safeguarding requirements.

Lockdown Learning Song

  • Available On Demand

With the current COVID-19 outbreak meaning the onus is on parents to facilitate home learning, we've once again teamed up with Sam and Dan from Musicalternative to produce a handy song full of ideas to help you create those special moments that will last a lifetime.

'We Get Locked Down' Christmas Song 2020

  • Available On Demand

With COVID-19 making Christmas 2020 a little trickier than usual, we've once again teamed up with Sam and Dan from Musicalternative to produce a song to raise everyone's spirits. Bid a cheery farewell to a crazy year and get ready to welcome 2021, with the "We Get Locked Down" Christmas song.

Protecting Against VPNs for Schools

  • Available On Demand

This webinar will focus on the VPN technology that children typically use to get around filtering controls. We’ll explain how VPNs tunnel through your protection and the practical steps that you can take to detect and block usage.

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