5 Ways Remote CPD can Help You get #SeptemberReady

The return to school is always a little daunting, and even more so in our post-COVID world. As digital learning becomes the new norm and students adjust to a whirlwind of change, it’s more important than ever for teachers and parents to be September ready

But what if we told you that it’s possible to get the lowdown on any and every online safety issue from the comfort of your own sofa? If the sudden influx of screen time has got you feeling a little bit lost, our remote learning solutions could be just the ticket – here are five reasons why.

1. All courses are completely change-proof

If this year has taught us anything, it’s that both technology and online safety guidelines can change at the drop of a hat. All of our courses are designed in line with DfE statutory requirements, government policy and the latest tech, and the content is checked on a regular basis by our experts to ensure your peace of mind.

2. Get up to date in your own time

September is just around the corner, and we know just how busy life can be. Our bite-size courses aim to provide you with information in a way that is time-efficient without ever compromising on quality: simply log in to our state-of-the-art learning hub to access course content, graphic guides and videos at any time, on any device.

3. No fake news - guaranteed!

If knowledge is power, then misinformation can be dangerous. Our bank of experts has been rigorously checked and verified to ensure that they can provide the best guidance possible, and each subject guide comes complete with a handy expert profile for you to cross-reference.

4. There’s something for everyone

Schools are like a living organism. Everyone, from the Headteacher to the parents, needs to be fully clued up so students can flourish. By providing online safety courses to school staff and parents, we’re ensuring that students can stay safe online anytime – users can simply pick and choose the content that is relevant to them.

5. Finished a course? Now get talking

We know that conversations about online safety aren’t always easy. But, when equipped with the right information, talking points and ideas, we hope we can help you get talking to children about possibilities and perils of the online world.

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