BBFC Lockdown Survey on Children’s Viewing Figures: Supporting Schools and Parents

School closures and the lockdown of all other outdoor attractions due to COVID-19 has resulted in many children being confined to prolonged periods of time indoors.

A bi-product of this comes extended time spent on electronic devices and in front of a television, something which the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) have looked at in their ‘Survey into Children’s Viewing During Lockdown.’

Parents unwilling to talk about the dangers

Amongst some striking results, 53% of parents said that they haven't spoken to their children about their increased time online during lockdown. This is despite 42% declaring that they are worried about the effects of upsetting or disturbing content.

Inappropriate or harmful content

This is hugely concerning given that BBFC also found that 47% of children and teens have seen content they’d rather avoid and almost a quarter (24%) of 14-year olds stating they have seen harmful content on a daily basis.

How National Online Safety can help you safeguarding your child online

At National Online Safety, we believe that a whole school approach to keeping children safe online is always the most impactful, and we’ve developed a range of resources to help.

For the whole school community

Complete with award-winning online safety training courses, webinars, guides, lesson plans and regular updates, the National Online Safety Certified School package is an all-encompassing way to enhance your school’s online safety provision.

We’ve supported 1000’s of schools, both in the United Kingdom and abroad, in implementing the most effective approach towards online safety. All of our products are designed in line with latest DfE statutory guidance and we aim to be as responsive to the online world as possible.

Our members have been very vocal in their gratitude and support towards the membership!

Mr Lindars, DSL and Behaviour Lead at The Leigh Academy: "The resources and information available through the National Online Safety website is also the best of any I've ever come across. Not only does this give us accreditation the website is full of ideas on how we can ensure the safety of both students and staff. I think it will come in really handy for future assembly ideas and useful within the Tutor Time programme."

Benjamin Atkins, Deputy Headteacher at Sunmarke School in Dubai: “National Online Safety provided exactly what we needed, with resources for students and online training for all groups of stakeholders.”

For parents and carers

Included within our Certified School package is our Annual Online Safety Course for Parents & Carers (2019-20), which covers a whole range of topics, broken down into easy to digest modules, providing essential information on a number of online dangers:

  • Unsafe communications
    Online relationships; fake profiles; online bullying; online grooming; child sexual exploitation; sexual violence & harassment; sexting and live streaming.
  • Effects to mental health, wellbeing and lifestyle
    Online vs offline identity; social media & mental health; device addiction; online challenges; overspending; online gambling and radicalisation.
  • Managing online information
    Online reputation; age-inappropriate content; fraud (online); fake news; targeted advertising; personal data and the dark web.

Our aim is to give you a comprehensive means to protect your children online, and to encourage open and frequent dialogue on the subject of online safety.

FREE #WakeUpWednesday guides for the whole school community

As a whole school member, each week you will also be emailed our free online safety guides for the whole school community as part of our #WakeUpWednesday series, which is designed to provide trusted adults with the information they need to make informed decisions on a wide range of online apps, games and risks.

Created in a child-friendly language, there is no confusing jargon that could lead to a crucial point being overlooked, which is sometimes the case in other fact sheets.

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