Case Study: Lea Forest Primary Academy

Achieving their National Online Safety Certified School Accreditation in May 2019, Lea Forest Primary Academy place a high importance on keeping their children safe online.

Upon enrolling in the programme, the academy were able to take a whole school community approach to online safety, and ensure that staff, parents, carers and pupils alike all got access to a wealth of respective resources and training.

To discover further about Lea Forest’s Certified School journey, we spoke with Media Technologies Leader and Data Operations Manager, John Croxon.

Why did you choose National Online Safety?

It was recommended by colleagues and had been using materials with parents for a year prior to signing up.

What package/resources did you purchase and how did you find these? 

We’re making use of the accredited school service and have made use of the guides and lesson material with KS1 and KS2. Both have been highly praised by staff and parents for their information and clarity.

How have you found the service from National Online Safety?

Excellent. Staff have been helpful and approachable.

How much of a benefit has National Online Safety’s resources been to your school?

Parents have now got access to a library of advice via the website and can develop their own knowledge via the tools on the site.

Staff have been using the tools alongside our curriculum and other resources to support the development of their own understanding and promote the safe use of technology in school.

What were the goals for using our resources?

To further promote the safe use of technology in our community, not just in school and raise the profile of e-safety with our parents and carers and improve parental engagement.

How have you found the implementation of our lesson plans into lessons? Both from a Staff and Student perspective?

On the whole very positive for both comments have been positive with improved engagement from students and better understanding from staff, compared to previous schemes.

If you could draw one positive from National Online Safety’s resources, what would it be?

Improved awareness and engagement with technology and the concept of using technology safety across the school community.

What is your feedback on our weekly #WakeUpWednesday guides? How would you say they’ve added to your e-safety approach?

We love them and tweet them every week, they’re a great way to inform the parents and other schools locally have asked us about the guides after seeing them on our Twitter feed.

How much of a benefit has the ability to undertake courses and training on an online platform, in your own time been?

Very useful as our academy trust makes use of several platforms and this follows a very familiar model that fits in with our training plan and makes it convenient for staff and parents.

You recently achieved your Certified School Status – how rewarding has it been to be awarded with this?

This was celebrated in a whole school assembly and children were very pleased to have their parents' achievements recognised as well.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

It's a fantastic programme and we're looking to further involve parents and our wider community next year to continue to develop a safer use of technology.

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