Celebrate Playday 2020 Safely this Year

Playday is the national day of play in the UK, celebrating children and teenager’s freedom and right to play and experience adventures.

This year’s chosen theme is ‘Everyday Freedoms Everyday Adventures’.

Held on the first Wednesday of every month, Playday 2020 is an amazing campaign which strives to highlight the importance of allowing children the freedom to play, go on adventures and have fun with their friends and family.

Usually the day of celebration and awareness is encouraged to be celebrated outside however, this year has seen the event organisers take a different approach to their campaign.

Due to the impact of Covid-19, social distancing and the restrictions that came with it, the organisers have largely taken into consideration government guidance surrounding large gatherings outside. They are asking for people not to organise public Playday events but be creative in the way they chose to celebrate and express their appreciation for the day. This year they are encouraging families to celebrate safely at home.  

As well as celebrating children’s right to play, the event organisers similar to parents, carers, teachers and those working with or around children have seen first-hand how the government restrictions and physical distancing has massively impacted children’s mental health and their opportunities to play freely with friends and in their community. Therefore, making Playday 2020 more important than ever before.

Anita Grant, Chair of Trustees, Play England, said: “In this unprecedented time of restriction and loneliness for children Play is more important than ever and children making a noise, seeing their friends, getting outside and reconnecting with the world is essential to their happiness and wellbeing.”

“We are proud that Playday is continuing across all four nations of the UK and that our joint approach to supporting children and young people to enjoy their summer 2020 and get to play is as strong as ever!”

Playday has listed these key bullet points for the main benefactors of play in children’s lives, including how it reduces stress and anxiety:

  • Playing is fun and is central to children’s happiness
  • Playing helps children’s physical, mental and emotional health and well-being
  • Playing boosts children’s resilience, enabling them to cope with stress, anxiety and challenges
  • Playing supports children to develop confidence, creativity and problem-solving skills
  • Playing contributes to children’s learning and development.

Get involved…

Playday are calling on families, carers, and communities across all the UK to join in the celebration of play, and at 2:00pm clap, cheer and generally make as much noise as possible from your doorstep.

For more information surrounding Playday 2020, click the link here.

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