Child Safety Week: ‘Share Because You Care’

Child Safety Week (running this year from 7 - 13 June) is an annual campaign that aims to stimulate movements to improve child safety. Created by the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT), the charity emphasises a simple message:

During this year’s campaign, the trust is, therefore, asking people to “share because you care”.

Children’s online safety

Sharing because you care has never been more important when it comes to protecting children online. The online world is a fantastic place for children to explore but it also houses numerous risks including the potential to come across inappropriate content, cyberbullying, or meeting people who aren’t always who they say they are.

Ofcom’s Children and parents: media use and attitudes report 2020/21 found that nearly all children aged 5-15 years went online, with laptops, mobiles, and tablets being the most common devices to access the internet.

That means it’s vitally important that we, as trusted adults, know what our children are accessing, what games they are playing, and how we can support them to enjoy a safer online experience.

Building knowledge (in order to share, as per the theme for the week) is where everything starts. Our range of role-specific online safety courses provide the perfect way to establish this foundation level of information, whilst our monthly webinar programme ensures you never miss out on the latest online trends.

We also have hundreds of free online safety guides providing support to parents on a myriad of online risks across the latest online games, devices, and apps, a huge bank of explainer videos and engaging lesson plans covering every age, from EYFS to key stage 4.

Physical wellbeing

Of course, it’s not just in the digital world where children must be kept safe, but the physical one as well. CAPT provides a variety of fact sheets on how to safeguard your children against harms such as fires, falls, poisonings, traffic, burns, water, accidents, and suffocation. 

According to the CAPT information pack and Public Health England, accidents are one of the biggest killers of children in England and Wales, second only to cancer. In England, one child under the age of five dies every week from an accident at home.

40,000 children are admitted to hospital as an emergency each year while 370,000 attend A&E.

Our first aid courses will equip you with essential knowledge you need on how to treat injuries and illnesses in your school. These courses include:

Certificate in the Role of the First Aid Appointed Person

This course highlights the responsibilities of the first aid appointed person in your school, as well as provide details you need to carry out your role competently, including how to support colleagues, when to contact for outside helps, and how and when to provide cover for first aiders.

Certificate in Paediatric First Aid Awareness

This course focuses on delivering Paediatric First Aid, providing you with the core content you need to confidently support children who may need your help.

Certificate in First Aid Awareness in Schools

This course provides detailed information to you and your staff on how to comply with all your first aid requirements. It ensures you know how to effectively respond to emergencies or incidents in which a pupil, staff member, parent, or visitor may be in need of urgent help.

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