Consecutive Accreditations: Case Study from Park Community Academy

Park Community Academy’s approach to online safety speaks for itself, with them now proudly boasting consecutive certified school accreditations.

After evidencing their commitment to safeguarding all their pupils online last year with the award for 2019-20, they’ve now got a double success to celebrate, with recognition following for the 2020-21 academic year.

They’re keen not to let up in their continuous efforts though, and are already firmly pressing on with plans for September’s return.

Back-to-back success

Elated with the accomplishment, Computing Lead, Caroline Johnson says to receive the award for a second successive year just goes to show how “committed” everyone at the academy is when it comes to protecting students online.

She said: “We are committed, but the fact that we’ve got the status just seals it and shows that we are committed to this. It gives me peace of mind, that I know we’re doing the right thing.

“Embedded I think is the word.

“We’ve already got the CPD timetable ready for the next academic year, and there will be the slot on there where I’ll introduce National Online Safety, because we’ve got a lot of new staff coming in September – the school is growing and growing.”

“Embedded and part of the practice”

Caroline described the importance of embedding National Online Safety into the everyday ethos at Park Community Academy, and she feels they’re well on the way to doing exactly that.

“What we’re finding more and more now, is that the staff are sorting things out themselves. They’re not necessarily coming to me to be the steppingstone,” she revealed.

“It’s quite nice when you see a guide on the photocopier, which shows that someone has obviously had a problem with Snapchat for example and they’ve then gone and got the guide for that certain situation.

“It’s nice for me to see that it’s becoming embedded and part of the practice for the staff in school.”











Specialist strands

Furthermore, Caroline continues to be impressed by the bespoke nature of our training resources – something which she highlighted, sets National Online Safety apart from the rest.

She stated: “The fact that you’ve got the SEND strand was a big selling point – you covered all the areas for us.

“So often for us, we go and do CPD, but we then have to come away and adapt it and tweak it. Whereas the SEND training with National Online Safety is what it is – we’re not having to modify or adapt it, because it’s for us, which is brilliant.”

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