Find your Brave this Children’s Mental Health Week

Taking place from 3-9 February, a vast range of schools, youth groups, organisations and individuals across the United Kingdom will participate in Children’s Mental Health Week.

Moving into its sixth year, the campaign, which is run by children’s mental health charity Place2Be, has placed a focus on the theme of ‘Find your Brave’. The subject of ‘Finding your Brave’ hones in on the ability to not cope alone or hold things in, and alternatively find positive ways to deal with things which might be difficult, overcoming physical and mental challenges and looking after yourself.

As trusted adults, we have a responsibility to provide a supportive network around our children – giving them a secure space to express their thoughts and feelings, while being aware of the signs that a child is perhaps dealing with an issue internally.

At National Online Safety, we make it our mission to ensure the internet is a safer place for children. We give staff and parents the information they need to tackle the online world head on, including factors which can affect mental health.

Our role specific courses and interactive lesson plans help to support teachers, parents and carers around identifying online risks which can affect children’s mental health and wellbeing and educate them on recognising the signs. These courses and lesson plans cover a wide range of subject matters, such as ‘Online Bullying’, ‘Social Media’, ‘Online Identity’ and ‘Device Addiction’.

Our weekly #WakeUpWednesday campaign also provides a plethora of information on this topic too. We’ve created a series of online safety guides on ‘Social Pressures’ as well as topics such as ‘Social Media and Mental Health’, ‘Sadfishing’, ‘Cyberbullying’ and many more. These guides are all free and available to download via the National Online Safety website.

Thousands of schools are taking advantage of the above by becoming a National Online Safety Certified School Member, receiving our award-winning CPD accredited training for the whole school community as well as access to our Resource and Online Safety eLearning Hub.

To ensure you and your school feel confident in tackling issues and learning around children’s mental health, as well as enjoying the whole host of other benefits our Certified School membership can provide to help children stay safe online, click on the link below.

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