GET OUTSIDE! (This summertime) Online Safety Song

At National Online Safety we see summer as an opportunity. With clear blue skies, warm sunshine and longer days, it’s the perfect time for children to enjoy themselves outside!

It’s an opportunity for them to be imaginative. It’s an opportunity for them to play and explore. It’s an opportunity for them to drop the screens and enjoy activities that could inspire their personal and physical development in so many different ways.

Summer is more than just a season. With no school, many children will look forward to their holidays in anticipation that they’ll enjoy endless days of excitement, fun and spending quality time with their friends and family outdoors. Summer will become a memory that stays with children for the rest of their lives. It’s a time of year as a child which they’ll treasure forever.

With so much to offer, summer is therefore the perfect time to help children forget about the online world. And to help, we’re bringing back our two talented teachers, Dan and Sam from Musicalternative, to present to you this catchy number about embracing the outdoors this summertime! Enjoy, sing along and share.

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