Get Ready for Safer Internet Day 2022

Get Ready for Safer Internet Day 2022

At National Online Safety, our focus is constantly on protecting children in the digital world. We appreciate, however, that – although it’s still hugely important to everyone – most people simply don’t have the time or the capacity to think about online safeguarding every day. The opportunity to prioritise online safety in the minds of teachers, parents, carers and young people is why we’re supporting Safer Internet Day 2022.

What’s happening on Safer Internet Day 2022?

Each year, Safer Internet Day attempts to raise awareness of emerging issues and current concerns in the digital world. Titled ‘All Fun and Games? Exploring Respect and Relationships Online’, this year’s event takes place on Tuesday 8 February. It aims to help internet users of all ages to reflect on the importance of using digital technology responsibly and respectfully – something which, as evidenced by some of the highest-profile news stories of the past 12 months, unfortunately still doesn’t happen often enough. 

What resources are available?

For our members, we’ve compiled a pack of educational resources that teachers can use to build online safety lessons around on Safer Internet Day – or which could just as easily be used as conversation starters by parents and carers at home. Educators will find our age-specific lesson plans (complete with downloadable resource packs and interactive videos) on online relationships, cyber-bullying and online reputation useful, as well as insightful webinars on topics such as netiquette, online hate and digital resilience.

There’s also a series of short explainer videos unpacking relevant issues including digital personality, likes and reactions, and online racism. For the children themselves, there’s an engaging selection of accessible information guides on themes like online conduct, hate speech and being kind online, while our guides on social media and mental health, trolling and online abuse, and tech-related communication are perfect introductions for concerned parents.

Non-members can also get access to our free resources to make the most of Safer Internet Day 2022: browse our hundreds of information guides on the latest app, games, devices and online risks, join Myleene Klass as she presents our online safety courses for parents, and put our award-winning online safety resources at your fingertips by downloading the free National Online Safety app.

How can you get involved?

Participating schools can follow this year’s campaign and be part of the conversation on social media by using the hashtags #SaferInternetDay and #PlayYourPart. In the week leading up to Safer Internet day, we’ll be releasing a series of digital safeguarding tips as well as hosting discussions polls on the usual National Online Safety social media channels, too – so keep your eyes peeled for those!

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