Mental Health Awareness Week: Appreciating Nature

Mental Health Awareness Week is an annual event that is designed to help Britain focus on achieving good mental health. Starting today, this year’s theme is nature. 

The Mental Health Foundation, which organises the annual event, found that 45% of people valued outdoor green spaces for their mental health during the pandemic. Additionally, the same research found a 2,000% increase in traffic to websites that showed wildlife footage from webcams. 

This week, people all over the world are being encouraged to discuss mental health, provide support, and offer advice to those who may be struggling. 


Mental health funding 

Today (10th May), the DfE announced it is investing £17 million to improve mental health support in schools and colleges. This new funding will go towards training senior mental health leads as well as providing better resources.  

This funding is part of the government’s scheme to help students recover both academically and mentally from the challenges of the pandemic. 

Up to 7,800 schools and colleges in England will be offered funding worth £9.5 million to train senior mental health leads over the next academic year. 

The new funding also includes the Wellbeing for Education Recovery programme – free expert training, support, and resources to help support students dealing with additional pressures from the pandemic. 

Mental health training 

In light of the above, we’re excited to be able to offer schools our Advanced Certificate in the Role of the Designated Mental Health Lead course. This course provides senior members of staff with a comprehensive overview of the role of the designated lead for mental health. It also helps support the implementation of a whole-school approach towards mental health and wellbeing and SEND. 

Spanning five sessions, including a Q&A session, this course demonstrates the various types of mental health issues with which pupils may struggle and how support can be provided, as well as listing valuable resources and further reading. 

Exploring the link between the online world and mental health 

We also have webinars that look into the social pressures of the online world and how these affect children’s wellbeing, both for primary and secondary schools.  

Research by Ofcom found that 30% of 5-7-year-olds, 44% of 8-11-year-olds, and 87% of 12-15-year-olds use social media sites, where self-worth is often measured in likes, shares, friends, and followers.  

Our webinars explore the impact of the online world on children’s mental health and how the social pressures link in with children’s brain development. They also highlight effective support strategies for children and young people with feelings of anxiety.  

Book here to secure your place: 

Social Pressures Online: Recognising & Managing the Impact of Social Media & Children’s Wellbeing | Primary 

Social Pressures Online: Recognising & Managing the Impact of Social Media on Children’s Wellbeing | Secondary 

Recovering after lockdown 

Furthermore, our recent webinar on mental health, From Virtual to Real Life: Rebuilding Pupils’ Emotional Wellbeing After Lockdown, explores the impacts that the pandemic and subsequent period of extended online learning has had on students. 

In the webinar, Dr. Aaron Balick shows staff how they can support students to transition back into school life after being so reliant on the online world for large parts of the last year. 

Further resources 

We also offer a range of FREE Wake Up Wednesday guides dedicated to enhancing mental health support in schools. These guides can be printed and displayed in schools to provide extra guidance to staff and students on how to improve their mental health. 

Additionally, we offer a range of resources dedicated to providing staff training on mental health support in schools including explainer videos, lesson plans, and webinars which explore the relationship between the online world and mental health. 

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