Mental Health Awareness Week: Case Study from The British School of Paris

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week.

The annual event aims to raise awareness of the importance of positive mental health and wellbeing. For 2022, Mental Health Awareness Week is highlighting the impact of loneliness and the practical steps we can take to address it. 

The British School of Paris recognise the significance of online risks in relation to mental health. Emma Carralón, Head of E-Learning, joined us to discuss how the school is utilising their National Online Safety Certified School Membership to mark Mental Health Awareness Week 2022.

Positive learning environment

The British School of Paris places a huge emphasis on the importance of positive mental health and wellbeing among the whole school community.

Emma revealed: "At the British School of Paris, we feel that the children need to be happy in order to be successful in learning. We try our best to maintain a positive learning environment for all of our students."

Mental Health Awareness Week 2022

For Mental Health Awareness Week 2022, the school arranged several classroom activities, as well as making sure all staff are reminded of the importance of their own mental health.

Emma explained: "We’ve sent emails to all staff members, about our own mental health and wellbeing. With my class, we’ve looked at healthy lifestyles as our internet safety topic. We linked that to mental wellbeing too.

"The children made a timetable, showing what they do online in their free time," she continued. "They gave themselves points, which they could lose for doing things online that are not good for their mental wellbeing."

Emma recalled: "They counted up those points at the end and were advising each other on how to improve their mental health."

The importance of mental health and wellbeing


Mental health should be interwoven into safeguarding provision, and the British School of Paris wholeheartedly adopted this approach, with particular reference to digital wellbeing.

"Digital wellbeing is a large part of our curriculum at the British School of Paris," Emma nodded.

"At the junior school, we talk about balance and healthy lifestyles, discussing how to make the right choices," she revealed. "This focuses on reducing screen time."

"At the senior school,” Emma elaborated, “we have a dedicated member of the SLT who looks after the wellbeing of our students. He's very approachable and is always available to the students.

"We encourage our students to come and talk to us if they have a problem; we support them to share their worries and concerns.

"In Year 4, where I teach, we did a whole unit of work on worrying last term," Emma recounted. "We looked at emotions, and the children made worry jars. They discussed what their worries were and put messages of positivity into their worry jars. We spent a lot of time discussing their concerns."

Certified School Membership

At National Online Safety, we’re constantly updating our resources and training – so that our member schools can stay completely up to date with the latest developments in the ever-changing digital world.

Emma said: "We looked at the resources from National Online Safety in preparation for Mental Health Awareness Week 2022.

"We shared the ‘Wake up Wednesday’ guide on loneliness in our newsletter for parents too. Also, we've put some of the mental health webinars and courses in the watchlists for parents, carers and staff members to watch," she confirmed.

"The skills taken from the CPD are transferrable and can be used for online safety, mental wellbeing, and other subjects such as music and physical education too," Emma went on. "The explainer videos related to mental health are fantastic as they're very short. Teachers are quite busy, but they’re keen to watch those and they appreciate the links to other resources at the end of the videos."

She concluded: "The resources are great as they are updated regularly, to reflect what's going on in the world and our lives. It's been excellent to have the resources from National Online Safety this week, to share with parents, carers and staff members."

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