Online Safeguarding: Case Study from Woodlands Primary Academy

Woodlands Primary Academy promotes high standards of behaviour among its pupils, while providing a safe, happy environment for them to learn in – an ethos which also extends to the online world.

Headteacher Catherine Sharpe joined us to discuss how the whole school community has benefited from our Certified School Membership.

Joining National Online Safety

After considering the various risks that can easily be encountered on the internet, it was clear to Woodlands Primary Academy that they needed to support their entire school community.

Catherine recalled: “We decided to join National Online Safety as we’d seen a lot of issues with the digital world in our school.

“We see it as a huge benefit, being able to use your platform.”

One particular boon was our Certified School programme’s role-specific training, which empowers all members of the school community to keep children safe online - including parents and carers.

“It’s great that parents can access courses and guides too,” Catherine nodded. “Safeguarding is a huge part of our culture at the school; the Certified School Membership adds another layer of that, which is invaluable.

A wealth of benefits

”Of course, education doesn’t stop when children leave school for the day. Catherine has been thrilled by the attitude of parents in embracing our online CPD.

“The courses for parents and carers have been fantastic,” she smiled. “It took us a while to get parents signed up, but now we have quite a lot of them registered on the platform. It's been really beneficial to get that message out to parents and carers.”

It was crucial that whichever online safety training the school opted for had to be accessible and convenient – something that we at National Online Safety were able to cater for. 

Catherine confirmed: “It’s fantastic that staff can access the platform at anytime, anywhere. The flexibility has been a real benefit.

“As you have to gain the accreditation each year, it keeps us focused on the topic of online safety,” she commented. “It keeps online safety a priority for the school and raises awareness.

“Everything is kept up to date and it’s all relevant,” Catherine added. “It links to the DfE’s Keeping Children Safe in Education guidance too, which is excellent."

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