Partnering with BBC Bitesize: Making the Most of Gaming

At National Online Safety, we cover a range of topics which relate to both keeping children safe in education and at home. We take a multi-faceted approach towards enhancing school staff, parents and children’s e-safety knowledge through our award-winning courses, educational resources and classroom packs.

Now more relevant than ever, a large part of online safety revolves around gaming and the potential implications associated with it. In their embryonic phase, video games would simply present issues which reflected playing time or the game’s theme; however, these topics have expanded further in recent times, particularly with the onset of being able to play online.

An Expert Opinion

In an article recently published online, BBC Bitesize have teamed up with National Online Safety’s very own gaming advisor, Andy Robertson, to put together an article that provides some great advice on how you can get the most out of gaming.

The article aims to give a balanced view of how video games can be played in a responsible fashion, while highlighting some of the risks which those who are directly and in-directly involved should be aware of.

There’s definite value to be garnered from gaming. But, as we highlight across our variety of resources, caution should always be attached and, from a parental perspective, it’s important to encourage an open and honest conversation with your child about their gaming habits.

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