Remote Learning: Benefits of Our Certified School Programme During an Uncertain Time

A lot of uncertainty currently surrounds schools in terms of their strategy towards teaching as a result of the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Should your school be required to close for any amount of time, you might be concerned about ensuring that you, your staff and parents and carers have access to online safety resources throughout.

Remote online safety teaching and learning

At National Online Safety, we have created a Certified School Programme which allows schools to take a whole school approach towards online safety and provide remote online safety training for all stakeholders, extending far beyond just teachers.

It is widely anticipated that disruption will be felt across the board in some capacity to our children’s education programme in the near to immediate future, so it’s important to reduce this as much as possible.

All National Online Safety lesson resources are digital and accessible online via the National Online Safety Hub, making them perfect for remote learning. Teachers can download and access our full range of online safety lesson resources from anywhere, anytime.

Given the ongoing uncertainty around school closures, we also have a range of experts lined-up to discuss issues arising over the coming weeks, guaranteeing that school leaders are kept as up to date as possible.

Children spending more time online

Children will naturally spend more time on digital and online devices while at home; our membership supports parents and carers by providing essential information on how they can ensure safer use of the internet.

They will have unlimited access to our award-winning online safety guides on the latest social media platforms, apps, games and online risks too. Click here to view our range of #WakeUpWednesday guides.

As a parent, carer or trusted adult, it’s important to make sure that your child’s device(s) has implemented parental controls prior to them logging on. There is a wide spectrum of how comprehensively you choose to carry this out – iPads and iPhones give you control over this.

Staff training across the board

Our range of certified online safety courses for staff members cover a range of topic areas which the whole staff can access to enhance their knowledge and, with the possibility of extended time away from school, our remote learning platform offers the option of developing their expertise further.

We have the following courses available for school staff to access:

Essential CPD training

In the event of school closures taking place, why not bring your staff up to speed with their latest statutory requirements and training across a range of topics with our new Essential CPD courses?

Hugely time-efficient, training is completed, tracked and managed through the National Online Safety Hub, and includes mandatory courses such as Safeguarding, Health & Safety, Prevent Duty, GDPR, Cyber Security and more.

The new National Online Safety learning hub also means that you have the capability to manage and monitor staff progression remotely, with information available at your fingertips through the easy-to-use reporting feature.

Ensure your school, staff, parents and carers have remote access to a wealth of online safety resources with our Certified School Membership.

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