Remote Online Safeguarding: Case Study from Trenance Learning Academy

Remote online safeguarding has risen to prominence over the last year as schools have steadily switched to remote education.

At Trenance Learning Academy in Newquay, the response to this has been a determined one, with the whole school community joining forces to achieve their certified status earlier this month.

IT Consultant, Stuart Johnson, spoke to us about the collective sense of pride felt by everyone at Trenance, following the news of the certification.

Keeping up to speed in challenging times

As Covid-19 created disruption across the globe, many children spent time at home – leading to increased volumes of internet and screen time.

However, Mr Johnson says that National Online Safety enabled the academy to be ready and take a proactive approach.

Mr Johnson stated: As a school, we saw the National Online Safety training as something we valued, in order to enhance our knowledge base.

With nearly everyone having increased screen time, from staff, students and parents alike, as a school community we can see how difficult it is for parents working from home to continually monitor their children’s internet access. In addition the nature of such websites and apps is constantly evolving so being well informed is especially important now more than ever. The #WakeUpWednesday emails are especially helpful providing guidance on some of these latest apps that our students and children might be accessing.

Many of our staff are in a similar situation to our parents, with a real interest as a parent and we have found the short videos and flyers invaluable as a way of staying up to date.

Especially given the situation we’re in now, with working from home, it’s comforting to know that there’s an increased understanding of the online risks which are out there.”

Use of our brand-new app

Prior to the new year, we launched our brand-new online safety app for parents and educators, and it’s an addition that the academy have really benefited from.

The app is really great, because you’ve now got something in your pocket when you have a spare five minutes – which we all have,” he explained.

Promoting the app within our parental body is going to be something we’re going to continue to do moving forward.

It’s especially handy that the parental videos are only a few minutes long, so if you have got a few minutes in your day, it’s really simple to go onto the app and have a look and pick up some knowledge about topics – whether that’s WeChat, Omegle or Cunch-Line Chronicles.”

Pride as a collective

Upon hearing the news that they’d achieved their certified status; Mr Johnson described the elation felt by everyone who’d played their part throughout.

Mr Johnson revealed: We’re absolutely thrilled and delighted to have completed it.

The school leadership, governors and I, are really proud of the commitment of our staff and school community for all their efforts in achieving this certification. It’s comforting to know the increased understanding they have regarding online risks especially in this time when we are teaching and supporting our student body via remote and online platforms, the content and support from NOS has been invaluable!”

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