Surge in the UK’s Internet Use During Lockdown: How to Stay Safe Online

Communications watchdog Ofcom recently released a report that revealed internet use in the UK has soared throughout lockdown.

Their ‘Online Nation 2020’ report found that vast volumes of people are searching for ways to remain connected, stay informed, entertained and also fit during lockdown.

And it’s not just adults who have a need to use the internet, with children undertaking online learning due to school closures and also playing or messaging with friends who they may not have seen for a number of months.

However, it’s concerning that 81% of 12-15-year-olds state that they’ve had a potentially harmful experience online in the past year, with social media the most commonly cited source. This is further exacerbated by the fact that levels of time spent online are steadily increasing.

This is why online safety is so important

At National Online Safety, we are committed to keeping children safe online. We provide trusted adults with the essential knowledge they need to ensure are equipped to deal with online risks head on.

Our Certified School Package is a complete solution to your school’s online safety needs with award-winning online safety training courses, webinars, guides, lesson plans and regular updates, so that you can ensure all key stakeholders are up to speed.

All of our resources are produced in-line with the latest DfE statutory guidance and we already support 1000’s of schools in developing a whole school approach to online safety.

Maxine Ashman, Holtspur School: “The system and courses are easy to work through. You can do it in short bursts. The videos are very helpful and informative but not too long. They certainly give you the knowledge you need.”

Charlotte Branney, Valley Primary School: “The training courses are comprehensive - not only are they up to date with current regulation, the information is presented and explained in such a way that you know how to implement change in school that best reflects guidance and legislation. The website is easy to navigate and it's straightforward to use when pushing courses out to staff members.”

Tom Washington, Year 4 Teacher, Computing and E-Safety Lead at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School: “The NOS team have produced a series of wonderful webinars. Having completed multiple courses these webinars provide an easy to listen to refresher on the content of the courses. As a school community we appreciate the breadth of online resources which are supporting us in ensuring our school offers complete online protection for our children.”

You may have also seen our weekly #WakeUpWednesday series across social media too! As a school member, you’ll receive an email each week which includes our latest free online safety guide, designed to provide trusted adults with the information they need to make informed decisions on a wide range of online apps, games and risks.

Supporting parents and carers

Because our Certified School Package is created with the whole school community in mind, we don’t just close the door on children’s online safety once they’ve left the classroom.

Which is why it’s equally important to offer guidance and help to parents and carers too.

Tackling a number of online dangers, our Annual Online Safety Course for Parents & Carers (2019-20), looks at the different types of unsafe communications your child could be encountering online, the potential effects to mental health and wellbeing, as well as managing online information.

Comprehensively put together, we provide an unrivalled service to ensure that children have a round-the-clock network of support available to them when it comes to staying safe online.

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